Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Jennifer "JEW" Junior

We have certainly grown up from the days of socks to our knees and baggy bugs bunny shirts!

So, Jennifer doesn't know about this blog yet, but when she finds out she will surely kill me. One of my longest and best friends Jennifer "Shmennifer" Wikler is having a little girl. So I know most of you are probably thinking "We have had kids for years" but for our crew it is all a little new. We have been there for each other always. From our happiest moments to our lowest...
I love her dearly and am still in shock that she is having a baby...a girl for that matter...I am so excited for her and her hubby Eric!! So the other day Jennifer called me and told me that she officially popped ( meaning little Jenn. Junior has gotten a little big for the seven jeans). So we went over to the Motherhood store with our friend Kristin to take a look at some of the clothing. I am not that old, but they really have some of the nicest maternity clothes. I was thinking about getting some to wear in those times where you can't squeeze into your jeans :o)

These were some of the pants she got. The work pants are awesome!Hahaha we had a little fun with the belly pillows :O)

The store was a success and I am afraid maybe too much of a success...

Congrats Jennifer on the shopping and the baby :O)


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  1. You TOTALLY want to be preggo as well, I just know it!!! You all look hilarious!!!! Luv it-


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