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This Is Who I Am | Creative Block| Episode 5 |#ThriftersAnonymous

NEW EPISODE of This is Who I am is LIVE NOW!!! ENJOY!

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A 90's Jumper #WhatIWore

Hey there, So I am actually posting from my cell phone. I know..haha I thought hey I miss blogging but I just dont have the time. So I thought let me try this out. Sooo if anyone is out there... anyone? Let me know what you would like to see from me if anything? Vlogging coming soon!

This outfit reminds me of my mom and well I love it. Here is what I wrote on Insta!

This 90's thrifted jumper had me feeling all kinds of nostalgia from our recent Comenthriftingnwith us in LA coming to our @taapproved YouTube channel soon.
See I am almost positive my mom had this EXACT jumper in her closet. Tears of joy when I tried this on and knew I had to have it.
Your clothes should ALWAYS make you FEEL something and should always Express who you are.
Today I was
And ready to CHANGE THE WORLD one thrift trip at a time. #TAapproved #thriftedstyle #ThriftersAnonymous #MakeYourOwnDressCode #TheyAintReady #Ithaspants #jumper #mymomsstyle #iam1stphorm #neversettle #storagewars #shanaemily #vegas #ootd #whatiwore


Wednesday, January 03, 2018

I thrifted this ONLINE & now I'm addicted : What I Wore

Outfit Details
Dress: C/O (Use CODE NEWYEAR25 for 25% Off)
Heels: Nine West Ross

It is almost impossible to come on here and act like HEY look at me and this dress and goals yadda yadda when I feel as though I have been somewhat of an imposter. 
This blog was a place where I shared any and all ideas I have ever had...but somewhere in the middle I got busy and lost touch of some of the things that bring me joy!
Now don't get me wrong as you have seen some pretty incredible dreams have come true this year but I am personally taking on some new dreams and goals and I am excited to begin to share them with you here. I recently purchased a new website design for my website which I purchased almost 6 years ago!!! Remember my link up I used to have on this blog>> Can't believe the ride that I have been on and will continue..but I hope to bring something new and inspiring this year along with my normal shenanigans!

My vlogs have commenced and so has the outfit photos, the gym life, the meal prep, and the dream making! You can watch my most recent videos HERE 

I have traveled, I have experienced so much and this year will be no different...but finding my purpos has meant a lot to me. 

I would love to hear from you guys...that is if any of you are out there still. Would love to here where you are from what you do and what you dream of doing this year! 

Oh and before I go lets just take a moment to talk about this dress! If you watch ThriftersAnonymous then you saw THIS video Haul where I shared a few items I got from women men kids clothing toys shoes household items...this online thrifting store can be a HUGE problem haha but I loved every second of it.. So take advantage of the 25% off and HAVE some fun thrifting online! More to come from this haul!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Meeting the Buyers Behind the Scenes| Tune in Wednesday November 22nd | #StorageWars

Hi friends! Wanted to drop in and first say HI, and second say that Edwina and I will be on tomorrow's episode of Storage Wars I feel like I still have so much to catch you guys up even feels weird writing this blog...I miss writing. 
But set your DVR Log into the APP, buy a subscription whatever you gotta do to TUNE in tomorrow 9:30pm pst  as Edwina and I take on Riverside! This episode was so much fun! We finaly start to get into the groove and begin really getting a strategy! We hope you guys will love it! 

Make sure to FOLLOW Storage Wars on A&E Facebook page CLICK HERE & let them know how the episode was, & what your favorite parts were! 

WATCH our NEW Youtube Video as we meet the Buyers from Storage Wars!! see what they had to say! 

Here are a few shots of the buyers! Love you guys! More to come! 


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

OUR BIG ANNOUNCEMENT | We are going to be onTV! | #ShanaandEdwina

 Hi friends! WOW. I know It has been a long time but for good reason. I have had to take a small break from posting on my youtube as well as my blog well because we have a really big announcement. AND when I say we I mean EDWINA and I! If you haven't already seen our Announcement video then you don't know!! I'll let you take a look below and watch it ...its only 3 min!


I am so excited to announce FINALLY why all my weekends have been booked and why I am "so busy"👯 Edwina Registre and I could not wait to share this big news! We are officially part of the SEASON 11 Storage Wars on A&E cast premiering 
9pm & 9:30pm pst.

A&E & the #StorageWarsFamily have welcomed Edwina and I with open arms and we felt like we belonged from the very first shenanigan! Growing up we didn't have much but always found a way to give back to our community and cherish the little things. Our appreciation for vintage and history will ring true in this season along with our LOVE for #twinsie and Sequin and anything Shenanigan!
Announcing this makes us both emotional as it hasn't been an easy road. We both have careers that we take very seriously and work so hard to be the best brokers we can be to help educate and advocate on behalf of our clients here in Nevada and across the United states! Long hours of editing I learned the ins and outs of editing software let me tell you! More stories to come but until then THANK YOU all for your love and support as we spread the love around the world!! #DREAMBIG #NEVERSETTLE
What we need now is for all of you to head on over to A&E facebook page and leave a comment you will see tons of other comments and likes there too! 
Share the OFFICIAL PROMO HERE  & make sure to tag us @ShanaandEdwinaThriftersAnonymous on Facebook and @TAAPPROVEDTWEET on Twitter! 

Storage Wars onA&E FACEBOOK Page:

Our dream of not only searching for treasures but traveling the world for knick knacks bric a bracs and vintage has come true! Don't worry we keep our #twinsie Shenanigans going & cannot wait to share it with you! 

BEHIND the scenes will be on our ThriftersAnonymous Youtube CHANNEL & don't worry. 👯will still bring you the same Come thrifting with us but with a twist!!!!

When you FOLLOW them on Facebook and Twitter let them know you are part of the ThriftesAnonymous family and share your excitement with our hashtags!! #TAAPPROVED #ThriftersUnite

Instagram: @TAAPPROVED
Facebook: ShanaandEdwinaThriftersAnonymous

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