Saturday, July 09, 2022

Where I've Been. Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022. I finally uploaded a Youtube Video to ShanaEmily!

 Hi friends. So I had to take a small break from updates on the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE...THOUGH I am still working on it! Actually the day I am posting this is the day the wallpaper from Milton & King is going in!! I am so nervous and so excited...I have been waiting for this so I can finalize some details. Follow me on Instagram for more behind the scenes and I will be posting to Youtube as well!  

Anyway, just wanted to share that I FINALLY uploaded to Youtube. My personal Youtube Channel..It has taken me over a year to get this up and I finally had to update the rest of last year because it took me so long. As you will see, last year wasn't easy...but some amazing things happened and memories were had with family and friends. I learned a lot about myself..and I am still learning today. I am excited to get back to my passion of filming and sharing and all the things. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you want to see from me on my channel! The hope is that this not only bring more joy to me personally but help spread the work and more behind the scenes of Throw It In The Cart and Edwina and I's adventures!! 




Tuesday, May 31, 2022

WEEK 8: Why is it so hard to make a decision? Paint color, new chandelier, and progress on the built-ins


HI! Well It was week 8...I can't quite share just yet but it has been a crazy couple of months but this project has been a labor of love and so emotional. I didn't do any fancy reveal but I went over to our Re-upholsterer to pick up my nana's couches and wow. I started to was bittersweet and a new life. If you remember I couldn't find fabric that I wanted and the ones I wanted were almost $80 a yard and I needed like 30 yards so yeah...not happening. While I wanted a slightly more teal color this blue has stolen my heart. She is so beautiful and I am just in love!!! Do you guys remember the BEFORE?

I did choose the sconces for the built ins! These were giving me the light I needed plus the 70's vibe was going perfectly with the hotel regency vibe I was feeling for this! I have been playing with colors for the built ins and I am torn but will get to that lets talk about the lighting. 

I shared some lighting inspo in the last post and even did a poll on Instagram! then...THEN I was scrolling through the Memoral day sales and this beauty popped up. 

IT is from Z Gallery a place I rarely find myself had that wow ...70's vibe but still looked modern. I AM IN LOVE and no one can tell me differently. THAT is how I know I really love something. When I am so confident that when someone tells me know I KNOW it will look amazing. though I loved the other options this one just spoke to I bought it. ON SALE thang goodness!

My painting. Well.. I have learned a lot. Acrylic paint without water sucks. IT is also really hard and dries super fast for someone who has no idea how to paint. A few online courses or even a video would have helped but oh well. The colors were also really hard to duplicate. BUT I have found serenity in painting this women. Every day just a little bit more. The more I step back the more I see my future haha those are TAROT cards she is holding.It is coming along and I hope to finish it by the end of the week. 

BACK to the built ins! The hubby is amazing. And while he is still mad that I got IKEA furniture as it just isn't up to the quality we want he made it work and custom built the upper portions and it looks beautiful! Zevy helped! 

I had bought him a table saw for his birthday and between that and my Miter Saw we are almost builders haha 

So the paint colors. Well A lot is being guided by the mural I decided on. APPARENTLY Blue is my neutral cuz that is all I see EVER. I chose a beautiful blue by Benjamin Moore it is the second one down from the one I chose in the office. I know HUGE stretch haha We will wait for the reveal to show it I am painting this Thursday! I do however kind of want to go ROGUE and paint the built ins something TOTALLY different. But I am torn....So I might take this to INSTAGRAM cuz I have 1 day! 

Along with some LIFE stuff we also shot one of our second to last scenes in our fist feature film! Hopefully I will have some huge progress photos and a final reveal when the wallpaper goes up! Can't wait to share that in the next post coming very soon! Oh and once again I am filming this to share on Youtube one day..when I finally can edit my where have I been video that has taken me 6 months to edit. I know...ugh..well go check out all of the incredible reveals on the ORC blog and come back here to see the progress still so much to finish!!


xoxo, Shana 


Saturday, May 21, 2022

WEEK 7 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE: Painting a portrait, lighting for a dining room , Facebook Marketplace find & More

Well. It is Week 7 and I must say haha while there has been progress I literally have nothing to show you that is finished. It is 10:13 pm on Saturday and I can barely keep my eye open!  This painting should have been started like a month ago instead I am using acryclic paint BAD "IDEA to paint a needle point BAD idea and I am doing it at like 9pm at night haha I HAVE no idea what I am doing and I am praying I can salvage it...but here it is. A few items have arrived like my sconce options for the built ins both of which I had to get on Amazon because A. I didn't want to spend like $500 on a sconce, and B I needed it in like a day haha I really am not sure just yet on which one head on to my stories to take a look at my options Sunday! 

I have like 10 paint options that I can't make a decision on but I think I know what my gut is telling me...and I need to just do it. 

Found this end table on Facebook Marketplace and has the original wood chess pieces! 

Finally made it to get the crown molding and picture frame molding so that is done

AND my favorite piece that inspired this all arrived! Though slightly damaged I am just happy it is here and it works! 

Lastly , well not lastly haha but next on my decision list is a new chandelier. This one was gifted to us by our neighbors it is from Pottery Barn and I actually really like it I just think we need something a bit more modern since I am keeping the traditional dining table. 

Though I must say I HAD NOT IDEA chandeliers were so expensive haha Every one I love is like $2k so yeah.not happening. Below are 2 options I like the cloud one intrigues me...the other looks really good with the wallpaper....thoughts? 


Ok well there is so much more. but I will keep it for my Instagram cuz I will be updating all week! Time to crunch down,.. Can't wait for my wallpaper to get here! Till next week! 


Saturday, May 14, 2022

WEEK 6: Built In Hack progress, Fabric for victorian couches and chairs, & My TO DO LIST!

Hi Friends and fellow One Room Challengers. This update is gonna be short. Life has once again thrown some wrenches in my plans haha but it is ok. I am making the best of it and enjoying this time to play with so many ideas. The built in hack is coming along. My hubby almost scrapped this idea to just build it from scratch but we just literally don't have time to do it so I came up with this design! haha I kind of like it . Obviously we need to keep building it up to the wall but I basically took 2 Havstas and 4 Billy bookases. I am also going to add doors to the billy bookcases and some hardware. I have been eying these for so long I might just bite the bullet. What do you guys think?

 The fabric I really wanted was out of stock , the second one I wanted wasn't available until June...So I went to and ended up ordering the Indigo velvet for the couches. I am so happy with it...I think it will look really nice and for $7.88 a yard it was a steal and came here in 4 days!

Lastly the material I wanted for the rams head chairs was also backordered. I ended up ordering the tiger fabric but may have to use it for something else since it is only a small amount. I ran to Calico Corners one of the few fabric stores left here in Vegas and while it was so expensive and limited I managed to find 10 years ON SALE from $79 a yard to $5.99 ! It is an orange color which I am actually really excited about...I found an abstract patterned velvet to go with and the women there literally managed to scrounge up the scraps that were left! 3 yards.. I literally BARELY go enough! We will see how it turns out! 

Lastly, I put my order in for the wallpaper so stay tuned for the ones I chose but I am now trying to decide on the paint. I know I told you I was behind! I will make a list of items I need to still do believe me I am not sure how this is going to come together! Painting swatches this weekend and will share them next week but you can check out my instagram for more! 


  1. Finish Building Built Ins
  2. Purchase lighting for dining area, built ins, and art
  3. Picture molding for mural and molding for built ins
  4. Paint built ins /walls/front door
  5. Paint needlpoint art/abstract art/special art project
  6. Strip and Stain my grandmas tigers wood dresser
  7. Hang up the wallpaper
  8. Purchase Rug for Adult lounge
  9. Purchase Game Console ( Purchasing tonight)
  10. Curtains ( Make) Curtain Rods
  11. Ottoman or coffee table ( Thrift or Make) 

Ok I need to go to bed, not sure how or when but this will come together something about seeing how things unfold always seems to give me my answers...I am excited to see how this turns out! haha till next week! 
Special thank you to the One Room Challenge and Apartment Therapy. I NEED this now more than ever. I feel like every time I do one of these I am going through something pretty emotional. Will share more but until then! I NEED your help on Instagram! See you there! 




Wednesday, May 04, 2022

WEEK 5: HAVSTA Built In Hack & choosing fabric


WEEK 5. I am absolutely shocked at how fast these last weeks have gone. I have basically been dedicating the few hours I have left at night , my Friday nights, and Saturday and Sunday in the midst of everything else. BUT, here is the progress and updates! 

If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen almost all of this but here it is. 

I dropped off my grandma's couches for re upholstery. I also ordered some velvet online since the store we have here is literally almost $200 per yard for the fabric I wanted and almost a 3 week wait. I am hoping what I picked will work. It was on sale for $7.88 on never used it before so we shall see! Here is the color I chose! 

I also dropped these Ram's head chairs I had thrifted for $7 

I really want to use thise fabric I also found at it was pricey I don't even want to tell you how much. But I bought it and I will just figure it out haha I know I am the WORST designer . 

one of my visions was this. The wallpaper is the Milton & King Almond Blossom in Chartreuse. I know...the color is bold but I LOVE it. haha I am just not sold on the these chairs going in the front. So yeah...ugh 

I am also making my mind up on the Mural Landscape Wallpaper, but I am definitely going to do something like the inspiration picture below! 

Oh and last but not least I built the IKEA HAVSTA. I swear I feel like I am moving at turtles pace. I have a lot still to I have a feeling WEEK 6 is going to be a HUGE progress report but until then here is what I did. 

Before I moved on to the center piece I ordered I played around with the variations. I think  I LOVE the cabinets in the center. and the center piece may have to go back. I am looking at ordering the BILLY Bookcases for each side. The decision is do I go with the skinny or the large one. Each side would give me room on the skinny versions and allow for lighting on the wall or art. 

That is what I am leaning toward. These will go to the ceiling and we are working on that. I will also be painting it as well. I HAVE To come up with the colors before Sunday because painters will be here Monday morning! EEEEK. You guys...It's the making decisions that is really hard for me! 

I did however pick the handles for the doors...I will save that for the reveal though! Ugh they are so good! Ok well You can follow along on Instagram for updates in real time!

Special thank you to the One Room Challenge and Apartment Therapy. I NEED this now more than ever. I feel like every time I do one of these I am going through something pretty emotional. Will share more but until then! I NEED your help on Instagram! See you there! 




Wednesday, April 27, 2022

WEEK 4: The Vintage & thrifted finds I will be using & PROGRESS!

Well, it is WEEK 4 time to start this challenge. Just me in my vintage house dress haha I know I keep looking at everyone's progress & lets just say most are getting things wrapped up and I'm over here like look I moved some furniture and started smoothing the walls! haha ok I am not smoothing the walls. While my hubby and I are more than capable our lifestyle right now is just too busy to even do the smallest of things. I have a few things we will be doing. I have a fun hack we are trying this weekend so  stay tuned. Here is where the space is today!

Oh and you can check out everyone else's HERE!

SO It is already looking amazing which is a good sign! So let's chat re upholstering and fabric and colors and some of my vintage finds that I want to use in this challenge! 
FIRST is my grandmas couches.She had these in formal living room with plastic on top. I LOVED THEM as a child and I love them today. The fabric is actually beautiful but they have been used and loved and it is time for a new look! 
This is the large one. THIS is the color I am leaning towards. Saw this when I was filming STORAGE WARS a few years back.
I am thinking I will keep the wood dark but this fabric and color!! 

I also have this Tigers Wood chest from my aunt. I LOVE the wood but it needs some love. I am no wood expert so this is going to take some research but I have some plans for this we shall see. 
Here are some inspo 

Now I want to keep the integrity but I need it to be functional as well. I really need to this on this. This will go in the entry way! 
This is a needle point my mom did that is now at the church in North Vista Hospital. I will be attempting to paint this portrait! 

These incredible chairs I found at Deseret Industries for wait for it. $7 They have rams heads on them and they are stunning. With my Aries son I thought these would be perfect at the end of my grandfathers dining table I am also keeping. I still need to decide on the fabric !

This chair is giving me life and inspo for these chairs but I also love the gold and black! 

Not the best pic but this was handed down from my grandma to to my mom and dad. Marble top with a brass little boy. I LOVE IT I don't know how to remove a stain from marble I think that is gonna be impossible so a doily may have to cut it but I do want to use this! 

This mirror. This used to be in the entry way of my nanas house. I LOVED this mirror. It was then moved to the living room. I am still toying with where to move it but it will be used! 

Picked this up at an estate sale. Not sure if it will make the cut but I LOVE IT

This candle holder picked up at Goodwill!

Might use this antique folding trey passed down from Adam's grandma

I also LOVE these vintage lamps I picked up..THEY willbe going in the space and inspired the green!I have 2 of these I found at Vintage Market days over a month ago! 

Oh and remember this from my first challenge? Goodwill find Japanese tea table... yeah I have some big plans for this also!!! EEEK ok I am getting excited! 

I have a lot more! But this was just a preview of what I am looking to use! You can follow along on Instagram as I transform these!

Special thank you to the One Room Challenge and Apartment Therapy. I NEED this now more than ever. I feel like every time I do one of these I am going through something pretty emotional. Will share more but until then! I NEED your help on Instagram! See you there! 




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