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One Room Challenge WEEK 2: Inspiration meets Reality, To build a built in


Cory Connor Designs

Hi friends~! Welcome back...see I told you I was going to do this! We are in the thick of WEEK 2 of the One Room Challenge & it has been a tough week. It has been so inspiring watching all the other participants!!

Just to fill you in briefly and for those who have followed me on here and my youtube...our Sampson 13 1/2 year old lab is not doing well. It was Mother's Day this past weekend and I we almost had to say goodbye to him...I re-scheduled it 3 times & needless to say I am a mess along with the room for this challenge. Special thank you to my hubby who has been so amazing through this. If you know me you know my animals are like my oxygen, my relief...but I know that he is hanging on for me...will keep you all posted but we are loving on him as much as we can!

SO. This past week despite all that is going on...WE ARE GETTING A LOT DONE! But first. Here is a BEFORE of the state of our old Guest Bedroom.../ just put it in the front room room haha It has been a dumping stating this past 6 months and I can't wait to fix that! 

As you can see the room is not very big. It is average size with a closet and private hallway to the bathroom..which I hope to revamp soon as well! We added wood flooring about 5 years ago the hubby wanted this dark color...but since this was his office I just let him do what he wanted! I actually have grown to love it..and if you know me I like everything that ISN'T on trend and that is fine by me! 


The hubby doesn't know but this CEILING fan HAS GOT TO go so I will be replacing it with the sputnik light from West Elm in my MoodBoard that is currently upstairs! Re-Purpose CHECK! As you can see there is a closet there and I have some major plans fort that as well! but today we are going to focus on the other side of the room! 

So now for the FIRST big project in this room. See this window? So I envision built ins surrounding it. To give you an idea it is best to show you some of my inspiration pictures I found so you can visualize!

So this was one of my favorites to visualize. and while I would LOVE a window seat there just isn't enough room in this room for all I want to do in here haha So the Vintage English Desk I picked up at our favorite antique store Not Just Antiques here in town where our Storage Wars goodies lived will go in front of the window...and on each side will be the built ins to hold all of our antiques, collectibles & pieces from our travels! Our collection of books will be included but I think I am going to carry it along the top as well like the built ins below from Plank & Pillow...and they don't know it but I am using their DIY to create it!!! You will have to check it out very helpful haha

If you follow me on Instagram I am posting to my stories and highlights my travels and the process so check it out! The hubby and I went to Peterman Lumber to pick up some wood. I had never been there and OH MY GOODNESS. Did you know how many types of wood there is? I mean seriously. Also...did you know that there is a HUGE shortage of wood right now? Stuck on ships they are were literally out! and why didn't we go to Home Depot or Lowes? Well we wanted to use a Baltic Burch for this piece and they don't have it! 

They didn't have the longer sheets so I believe these were the 5X5's and ummm They were $43 a PIECE! To put it into perspective this time last year they were like $24 we got 5 sheets for a total of $233. I still think this will be cheaper than hiring someone but we will see how the hubby and I work out haha I am HORRIBLE when it comes to calculating bad but he is AMAZING so together we make a great team haha mostly him doing the calculating and me saying I want this and I want that 

We decided to wait to come back for the rest of the room ideas I have and focus on this one project. So it was time to load the wood..and as you can see it almost didn't fit! 

We made it work! 

We didn't care too much about the color since I will be painting this built issue is I can not decide on the freaking color...and I am also torn because I want to pain the room this color as well like really moody...but it is so small with one window...So here is where I really need your help friends!! 
THIS is my Sleeper Couch that Purchased on Facebook Marketplace for $100 almost new from the 70's haha I LOVE IT...

So this couch will sit on the wall to the left of the window side. I was so inspired by the CLARE paint samples and colors I ordered a bunch! Not sponsored just thought it was so cool and loved the idea that the samples then peel and stick on your wall! 

I grabbed a few others for some projects I am doing but umm haha the blue hue haha so many...Some are pulling a little too green and some even purple...
So yeah...I am torn. I like the darker blues but not too dark...and not too light...The one that I am liking is this one called HYPERLINK a rich, royal blue. So head over to my instagram today if you can and VOTE in my stories or send me some haha I am open to all ideas and would love any and all advice and inspo! 

Ok friends! That is all for this week! So much will be getting done this week and this weekend so make sure you are following me on Instagram and HELP a girl out!! till next week! 




Thursday, May 06, 2021

One Room Challenge: WEEK 1 Guest Participant


Welcome to my very FIRST One Room Challenge makeover! I am actually still wondering why the heck I thought that this would be a perfect idea while juggling all of the things I am juggling at the moment. But we will leave those things for another post. Until then let me explain how this started quickly...I found out I was pregnancy in January with our second baby and I was so excited I immediately started planning our home. As I was scrolling pinterest I found a few blogs that inspired me for nursery's and then I moved on to home offices and found myself looking at One Room Challenge participants...had no idea what this was. Similar to my ThriftersAnonymous Link up The One Room Challenge (ORC) is a biannual design event that brings designers from all of the world together and guest participants to transform a room in 8 weeks and share the whole process from beginning to end! What I loved about this was that it wasn't a competition and you really didn't even have to be a designer to participate. 


2021 Spring One Room Challenge 

See I have no problem being inspired or knowing what I love, but I DO have a problem finishing a ROOM..most of the time it is TIME, but truth be told I just can not make my mind and then life gets in the way and partially done. So here we go. I did have to change my original plan of a nursery since sadly we lost our baby in I quickly changed it to our OFFICE/Guest Bedroom/Sewing Room!

I know haha its a lot and wait till you see the room it is so small haha but hey it works. I have never done this before but I knew that I wanted to make this room functional and I already had quite a few pieces that I wanted to use. My GOAL is to SHOP my home and really keep this true to my style and hubbys style and upcycle pieces as well. 

Right now this room as been a catch all for my finds, a make shift office and get away haha IT WAS a guest bedroom previously but we mainly only have in laws stay in this room so we decided we need to better use the space. We have a pretty large home over 3,000 square feet but needed this space as we would like to try for a baby again. 

I am going to NEED your help in deciding details but I wanted to share what my mood boards yes it is plural cuz it keeps changing will give you an idea and I really wanted to share it so I can start getting the creativity flowing! So are you ready? 

Our office make over will be a mix of Vintage eclectic global pieces! I want it to be moody and really inspire us. My hubby just shakes his head since well haha he doesn't get it but he gets me so we are pushing forward! I will be including this AMAZING piece I found on Facebook Marketplace. If you follow me on Instagram I will be sharing it in stories and you can learn all about this couch haha anyway the floral and interesting designs are bit feminine but I plan to really bring in some masculine elements to mix in. I don't know how to make a mood board so I really didn't know what I was doing haha and I am sure it will change like a million times...but here it is haha

So I do want to share my previous mood boards because I LOVE what I came up with but it was centered around this sleeper couch I was obsessed with. I just wasn't obsessed with the $5,000 price tag. I didn't want to spend the kind of money it was going to cost me for the sleeper couch I truly wanted. We are also doing our backyard more on that in my stories later in the that really got me to think about all of the items we currently have in our house that I could use in our office...items I have been waiting to find a home for or re purpose. I am a thrifter I mean I can do this haha I knew I wanted to go bold and really take a risk in this space since it was small and could be closed haha I am NOT inspired by NO color I mean it looks nice and serene but for me it DOES NOTHING. So I am about to go nuts 

$1500 budget, SHOP my home and really get creative! 

So that’s when an alert on facebook marketplace popped up and I saw this vintage SLEEPER SOFA for $100 that was the exact measurement I needed for this small space. I won't discuss the previous sleeper sofa I had just bought thinking it would work and I would dress it up or paint it haha This sofa in person is so beautiful made with a delicate material and almost like new! it has a beautiful  boho design reminding me of my mom's flower shop growing up.  I knew I wanted to build a custom book shelf unit in the room and paint it blue and this couch was perfect. I am still torn on colors for the walls but I definitely want to try wainscoting so we will see. 

Here are some of my previous mood boards!


The FINE I won't spend $5,000 what about this kind sorta same Sleeper couch on facebook marketplace for $150 ? Mood Board

So as you can see I am all over the place. But one thing is for sure...I am going to explore mixing patterns, I am going to make this room functional and I am going to try new things! 

I am excited to go on this journey with all of you guys over the next 8 weeks. I know it will be amazing and we have some really fun things planned for this room ! I have some fun chairs I am going to try and re upholster, I am going to paint a few pieces custom and I am going to try WALLPAPER for the first time. Life is throwing me for a loop at the moment so I apologize for the late post but here we go! 

See you next Thursday! 

Follow me @Shanaemily_ on Instagram for more details! 




Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Hi friends & Welcome back!

Welcome to 2020..almost 2021. Yet I can't get the website to say haha whatever...I figured I will get that done in 2021 haha

As most of you know I haven't blogged in a really long time. I always knew that this was something I loved but I have to do things I am passionate about and if I am not in the moment I can't do it..I wasn't inspired to blog...Making youtube videos for ThriftersAnonymous has been such fun but the other day I realized...I missed it...writing..and sharing..and this is where it ALL STARTED. So why not go back to the beginning? 

Before I go into my daily thoughts, please PLEASE let me know what you guys want to see. I am ready...ready to share and get back in my thoughts. So...Go tell me...are you there?  haha You can also email me at if that is easier!!

It is Tuesday, December 8, 2020. It is sunny but cool here in Vegas, and while there is a lot of was pretty quiet for me Sunday afternoon.

Time. Time is what has been on my mind constantly. But having the power to push through the day was always my method. 40..I find myself wanting to revert backwards...almost in denial of time...I realized over the weekend that pictures are what help me STAY in time...and if I didn't capture it...somehow it will disappear. Sad really...but they are special to me...just like pieces of clothing and furniture that reminds me of my family. That is what makes a me.

Special thank you to London Mace, a friend of ours and an artist who last minute came to our neighborhood and snapped some pictures for us !!

Sampson our 13 year old lab has been having some difficulty and we may have found he has cancer. I know..he's 13...he's old..I get it. But I want him to feel just as loved as when he was 1. I'm not taking it all too well. So.

I will POWER through these thoughts and BE in the moment. EVEN if I don't capture it in a photo.

I won't let others de-value what I hold so much value in.

I will always stay true to who I am and not allow my surrounding and others to guide my day and my choices.


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Working from home,I put on make up today & returning to blogging

My first year as a mom...and here we are...smack dab in the middle of a pandemic. I like many of you can be found at home trying to manage my NEW routine. Trying to WORK from home, Take care of my now 1 year old little boy, be a wife, be a good senior dog & cat mom to my almost 13 year old lab, 18 & 10 year old cats, fulfill my passions, stay fit, eat nutritious food, enjoy my life, and somehow not freak out about what could or would happen if anyone of my family or friends got sick. 

I joined a wine club so that helps. 

I somehow figured out the SECRET system for Amazon FRESH, and while my hair is usually in a high bun and most of my pants are leggings, and I AM OVER ALL OF IT, I am being realistic and taking it day by day and hour by hour. Luckily my son has brought a smile to face each day!

I am SAD every day speaking to my clients, family, and friends who have had to either close their business, let go of their employees, or work around so many that are ill. I am thankful I still have a job, but none of this is OK. 

So. Here I am. BLOGGING again after almost a year and a half of basically not writing or sharing. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM @ShanaEmily_...then you would have seen at least some of what my life has looked like over the past year and half. Edwina and I were on a  pretty strict schedule of filming once a week for Youtube on our channel ThriftersAnonymous but that has come to a complete stop AND MY Personal Fashion Fitness, & Health Youtube channel basically stopped when I was cast on A&E's Storage Wars over two years ago...



Is anyone out there? I have missed this. I started blogging when my mom passed away in 2007. 
Needless to say. I miss writing & sharing. Baby steps. I want to share all that has happened so I will. It feels good to talk about stuff, because let’s face it. WE are literally all in this together and sharing somehow makes me feel more connected to's hard to explain. 

So I am going to work on organizing this here blog and I hope you will come along for the ride. I don't know who is out there but name is Shana & I am addicted to thrifting & vintage. I am a first time mom to a beautiful boy named ZEV, I have 2 cats and 1 Labrador named Sampson, I lost his sister last January, another reason I just have not been able to film or write! 

I hope to bring you more of my shenanigans, thrifted outfits, my fitness & day to day loves...I don't know how often I will come on here but I WILL be back. 

I am on Instagram and seem to respond faster there than anywhere else but you can also find me at . I am going to try and respond to the many emails I have received recently and if I haven't responded please reach out again! Let me know what you guys want to see from me & please stop by and say hello! 
I hope you are all staying safe. 

This is just a start to get back to what I LOVE doing...hope to see you guys soon!


Friday, October 18, 2019

This Is Who I Am | Creative Block| Episode 5 |#ThriftersAnonymous

NEW EPISODE of This is Who I am is LIVE NOW!!! ENJOY!

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A 90's Jumper #WhatIWore

Hey there, So I am actually posting from my cell phone. I know..haha I thought hey I miss blogging but I just dont have the time. So I thought let me try this out. Sooo if anyone is out there... anyone? Let me know what you would like to see from me if anything? Vlogging coming soon!

This outfit reminds me of my mom and well I love it. Here is what I wrote on Insta!

This 90's thrifted jumper had me feeling all kinds of nostalgia from our recent Comenthriftingnwith us in LA coming to our @taapproved YouTube channel soon.
See I am almost positive my mom had this EXACT jumper in her closet. Tears of joy when I tried this on and knew I had to have it.
Your clothes should ALWAYS make you FEEL something and should always Express who you are.
Today I was
And ready to CHANGE THE WORLD one thrift trip at a time. #TAapproved #thriftedstyle #ThriftersAnonymous #MakeYourOwnDressCode #TheyAintReady #Ithaspants #jumper #mymomsstyle #iam1stphorm #neversettle #storagewars #shanaemily #vegas #ootd #whatiwore

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