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UN-OFFICIAL One Room Challenge: WEEK 1 Zev's Boho Bungalo

Hi friends! Well if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I am working on another UNOFFICIAL Room in our home and if you guessed ZEV'S CONDO YOU WERE RIGHT! haha It started off as a kitchen I was gonna paint from Ikea to a full blow CONDO filled with Vintage from my childhood, thrifted items and inspiration! If you watch my Youtube Channel ThriftersAnonymous , you would have seen Edwina and I thrifting weekly and I swear I find something for "Zookie's Condo" EVERY SINGLE WEEK. haha 

Since this is an UNOFFICIAL One room Challenge meaning ORC or Better Homes and Gardens are not having one right now I just decided I was going to give myself a deadline and continue on with my home! If you missed my FIRST OFFICIAL One Room Challenge you can check out the REVEAL HERE. I am still working on the video and finishing it up but MAN was I proud of myself and so inspired. I knew I had it in me I just needed to set a deadline. So for this challenge I am going to give myself 5 weeks to finish it. I think that is plenty of time to complete some of the projects I have in mind as well as bring the whole living room in and give it a face lift. 

For now you see my inspiration and Mood Board above! I plan on painting the kitchen and fridge and updating the hardware and staining the wood! Here are some of my inspiration pics! 
Source: Gilded Hearth
This kitchen had my name on it! I LOVE the idea of a backsplash and painting the bottom section! The plants love it all! 
I LOVED the BOHO feel to this one and especially loved the baskets. I have some from my mom's flower shop as well as some I have collected in my thrift travels!  
The basket the copper obsessed! This one gives me that vintage vibe! 
Love the terra cotta love the shelving next to it! 
So you guys get the gist. This was the start of the inspiration! Then my brain went nutso and I wanted to really create Zev's Kitchen /Condo! Excited to get this going! Will snap some before pics and what I will begin first next week!! 
His kitchen condo will go in our living room so I want it to be cohesive without doing a whole remodel at this point. Here are some fun inspiration pics for the living room keeping that BOHO vintage vibe and throwing in some MORROCAN flair! 
Source: daily-dream-decor-

THIS room looks like my living room but complete! I hope to take some of the pops from this room and bring some greenery, I have a few plants already but excited to bring more! Oh and THAT LAMP though ugh!

Source: iamfy
This is a bit more busy than I want to go but I LOVE some of the elements and the overall vibe...Hoping to bring in some more color and again the plants and art! 

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for some behind the scenes and I will need your help on deciding a few key things like paint, rug, etc etc! and that tiger throw is everything! 


Shana Emily



Saturday, June 26, 2021

One Room Challenge Week 8: The Reveal

 Finally!!!! It is time to share my One Room Challenge! If you are new here I basically took a long long break from blogging and decided it was time to jump into my creative juices & join this challenge! I am a local Las Vegas Native with family from Morrocco, Paris, & around the globe. I am a lover of vintage and the founder of ThriftersAnonymous here in the blogosphere and Youtube where my bff and I take you on thrifting adventures around Las Vegas & more! You may have seen me on Season 11 and 12 of Storage Wars on A&E & local news sharing my thrifted finds & tips. My BFF and I started a new company called Throw It In the Cart and we are determined to change the world. I AM ADDICTED to Home Decor & find myself holding on to all of my families treasures. I am no designer but love creating a story within our home. I finally decided that I was going to make time to finally share who I am and what is going on in this crazy mind of mine. No more random furniture and chairs and "old stuff" is time for me to get things done. THUS...the One Room Challenge. 8 weeks to finish a room...I set my own rules and while I didn't finish all the things...

I am IN LOVE! I did this with the help of my hubby! I decided I wanted to do a nursery for our 2nd child back in February and we lost the baby after 7 weeks. I didn't give up and decided to work on a space that not only would work as a guest bedroom but a space that would make us feel calm and allow for an escape, a place to get creative, take a nap, read a book. A place to store our treasures, our families treasures, a place I can create.. I know there was a lot of pressure...but I was excited.

See my progress from week to week here: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, week 6, week 7

This room used to be a guest bedroom that we never went into and guests rarely stayed in haha THEN it was the beginning of Black Raven Films/Office , then back to a guest bedroom. So we now needed to merge please let me welcome you to my creative global eclectic office/guest bedroom/sewing room!
I will be sharing more in a follow up blog post with more detail pics but this took so long I just wanted to get this up here!!
SO...Here are a few of my favorite things that I added to this space and where I got them!


ADDING WALLPAPER: The design for this room started when I saw this wallpaper from Milton & King. I did order a few samples to make sure as they are all so beautiful! But I inevitable went with what I had originally wanted! When they wanted to work with me and send me the wallpaper for no charge I immediately got nervous and started to get nervous...but I knew that as long as I trusted my gut and feelings of what and how I created this space it would look amazing! I do feel like the use of wallpaper really allowed for me to create a space within a space. I was pretty stubborn when it came to it and was determined. I am all about interesting and evoking an emotion so yes I could have just painted it the blue but that would not have given you that WOW!

MIRROR OBSESSION: I LOVE mirrors...I also don't plat it by the rules..and there are so many in design it makes me pissed. This beautiful mirror was in a locker I believe Season 12 of Storage Wars that Edwina and I were in and we bid on it because of it! I was obsessed with it from the day we got it...I didn't want to sell it haha I priced it like $300 over what it should just so no one would it haha

It worked. haha

BUILDING BUILT INS: I knew I wanted to create built in bookshelves to hold all of our books & finds from all of our travels and family passed down. This was something my hubby was excited to do & took this as his baby for the room! They turned out amazing!! We used lights from Amazon to plug in and he added outlets and made sure the switch worked to turn them off and on. We added crown molding that I thought really tied it beautifully! The cabinets for storage are not complete yet so stay tuned for those!!!

GO BOLD: I also knew that I wanted it to be blue... I sampled like 8 colors and dwindled it down to 3. You can see Week 6 I believe for the swatches...but I decided on HALE NAVY by Benjamin Moore. I used Eggshell for the built ins and Ultra Matte for the walls!
For those who know me you know that my favorite color is blue...If I had it my way our whole home would be shades of blue haha I live in Vegas and everything is beige. EVERYTHING Everyone is always painting everything white and everything is so neutral don't get me wrong I think that neutral speaks to me in different ways...but this room...this room needed the calming thought provoking color.

FURNITURE THAT HAS 2 USES & INSPIRES: It took me like 5 weeks to decide on a color but I will say I knew I was going to go with a darker blue...but prior to all of it I decided I wouldn't be buying the custom sleeper couch that was over $5,000 ...I wanted to really stick to a budget and spend the money on items that I thought would be worth it. So I scoured facebook marketplace and stumbled upon this vintage Sleeper...and man did it make my heart was totally opposite of my initial direction..but I was willing to take the risk! $100 later I was so happy I did!

ANTIQUING: This is always a good idea. Luckily I had most of the items by just thrifting in my home! Well before all of this I think my very first purchase was the antique desk that I found at Not Just Antiques! ugh I fell in love but it was a little over my budget. Luckily they reached out and made me an offer and ran there with Edwina's help to pick it up!! check my stories when I picked it up! So I had the desk, the sleeper couch and I was starting to really get an idea of the feel of the room!

I also picked up these mid century birds & fell in love with them!!

SHOP YOUR OWN HOME: Now...for some of my unexpected favorites. See not everything was finished...with a 7 day hiatus from the challenge and our lab Sampson who has been declining, my cat who was diagnosed with kidney failure and work that just seems to be getting more difficult we just ran out of time. SO I did what I do best. I shopped my own home..literally. Almost everything you see in this small cove where I will be sewing and creating is from my home! the rattan light fixture is a vintage find from Faith Lutheran $14.99. I think you can even see me find it on my youtube ThriftersAnonymous! The desk is from Deseret Industries and thank you to Edwina for picking it up for me! $7! all of the items on the desk were finds and the African pieces on the side were from Marshalls over 15 years ago! The chair is an antique Leg O Matic folding chair I found for $4 at Jover Art another video on Youtube! I replaced the knobs with these beautiful stone knobs will be getting some close ups for you guys..not what I intended but I actually love it!

THE RIGHT RUG: The Oldest item may just be this rug I ordered all the way from Turkey. I had to have the women cut it down which ended up removing some of the design I wanted but in the end I really love it. It is the perfect mix of old, a hint of a design that doesn't clash with the couch. It is thin enough to roll my chair but with a rug pad allows a nice feel under your feet! 

RE-UPHOLSTER & RE-USE: I was so frustrated with my hunt for an ottoman I actually wanted 2 but the ones online were ridiculous like $300 so I went thrifting. I did find a pair but was delirious and let them go you would have seen that episode on our youtube channel. So I shopped my home and found one that I re-upholstered. I kind of lazy did it and didn't end up finishing . I will be adding these antique wheels to it and more brass pins...but for now it is doing the trick. there just isn't enough space for two so I opted for 1.

CUSTOM ART BY LOCAL ARTIST: I knew I really wanted custom art but with everything going on I just totally forgot... Luckily my great friend Leslie's husband is extremely talented, lives here in Vegas, & already had some art I wanted to include! I will get better pics but for now the art you see in my grandfathers frame is Mr. Sampson. It is so special especially since we have to say goodbye to him very soon. He will be in our space...being a gentlemen and the best lab a girl could have.Thank you Logan...I absolutely love it! If you guys want some custom art or some of his amazing prints check out his website!

These are also his art prints & I AM OBSESSED! I have a few more I have to get up and will share in another update!
DIY FRAME MOLDING: I have wanted to do this for so long & finally just did it! With the help of my hubby of is probably one of my favorite elements and was so easy! The miter saw helped don't be shocked if you see this in our home for future rooms!

SENTIMENTAL ITEMS: I have a beautiful collection of items from family and love showcasing them! Will share more but for now I used some frames from my grandmother, grandfather, vases from my mom's flower shop, pieces I have collected in my travels & more!

I'd like to take a moment to thank a few people. First those who helped to put this challenge together! Wow. It was amazing and thank you so much for all the work you put in!! What an incredible community! I didn't get to meet too many because my time was crazy...but it was so awesome! The other transformations are so inspiring!!!

Secondly, I'd like to thank my husband. This whole challenge would not have even been possible without him. He built the built ins from scratch...helped me cut the molding, applied the molding, installed my lighting, & encouraged me. While nursing our lab, late nights, no sleep...He remained calm during my indecisiveness, & so much more! I still have a lot to share and will be giving you a live tour very soon! Until then! Go & create that space you have always wanted. No matter what anyone says,..set a deadline...& stick to it. It will be worth every second!

Thank you all for the love! 




Thursday, June 17, 2021

One Room Challenge Week 7: Paint color & Wallpaper reveal + Special Announement!


If you missed the first 4 weeks you can see them  below!

YOU GUYS!!!! What a week! I went from not so update MAJOR transformation!!! If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen the reveal of the wall color, the wallpaper & my incredible announcement that made this all happen!!!So let me bring you up to speed! Last week I had to make my decision on a paint color & I finally just went with my gut and went bold! The color I finally decided on was Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. Apparently it is a super popular color because I started to see so many rooms with this blue! But I wanted something elegant yet bold yet moody. 

I actually bought Eggshell first and then woke up and went back for the ultra matte from the newer collection...and I am soooo glad I did!!!
This pic was taken at night and we have no lights installed and I LOVE IT. I never did care about if it made the room look small. It IS is a small room haha I don't need it to look big I need it to make me FEEL good...haha and so far it does!!!

I finally used my Miter Saw I got for my birthday from my dad. I am not gonna lie I was scared, but after the first few cuts I was so much more confident! My hubby finished it up and even put them on the wall for me...I have been so exhausted both physically but emotionally with our Lab Sampson and my cat Sasha. This room has actually become a little bit of a distraction...but one we are both so proud of!! Ok now on to the even more exciting news! Check out my INSTAGRAM as I posted on IGTV the reveal...but are you ready to see what Wallpaper I chose? 


Are you?

What did you choose?

ok drumroll..... even though you saw it at the top of the post haha

I watched some Youtube Videos Read directions and just went for it. I know that there were things I did wrong and things I did right...but I tell ya...this wall paper was SOOOO easy to use and so easy to fix! 

It came in 2 rolls which means the pattern was different on both so they butt up against each other. The paper is nice and thick and so easy to manipulate!
I had purchased tools on Amazon and found them to be really useful. Man is this wallpaper gorgeous or what?

I used my Handy pail liner for the glue and I loved it. 

The glue was what Milton & King Recommended and it worked so well! It didn't dry too quick and was easy to roll on! I used a brush, a mini roller and a large mohair roller
I actually started in the corner which now I look back and it WAS the right place to start I think...then I changed my mind...haha I changed my mind a lot. WARNING. This is NOT a tutorial. THIS IS REAL LIFE APPLICATION hahaon a deadline with a 2 year old and full time job. 
So I switched it to the back wall. 
The 2nd run was so much easier as there was no cutting so it was perfect and honestly that was the one that I was wanting to be perfect

3rd one went up and I had gotten the hang of it but needed a better ladder no time for that! haha

My amazon tools haha I don't even know if I am doing it right but the paper went on so nicely and I could easily lift it up if I needed to! 

I will have some amazing photos next week but these are some progress photos and beautiful!!
Ugh I literally stood there for 15 minutes staring at it! I could see all my not so perfect moves but I DID IT....and I LOVE IT

I was proud of myself guys!!! THANK YOU to Milton & King for providing me with this beautiful paper that will inspire and bring joy. THIS is what this was all about and I am so grateful! 

Well I have one week left....I know that there will be things I won't be able to get done...but I have already accomplished so much of my vision. If you know me then you know I love a makes me feel all warm and fuzzy haha when you say you are going to do something and you do it. The hardest part is just getting over the fact that it won't be perfect, you will fail, but in the will be something amazing! 

See you next week!!! 



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