Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rock'n Roll Wine Tasting!

Rock'n Roll Wine Festival!

So Adam and I joined Chris and Dawnya at our first Rock'n Roll Wine event this year! Aside from the 80% humidity, unconventional clothing or lack there of, and constant chatter between Adam Chris and the wine tasters...we had a great time! The heat was so bad we didn't even want to taste wine, but as the bubbly spritzer and Italian choices kicked in we were well on our way to a memorable...or forgettable evening if you know what I mean :O) There were several bands there but we were really there for the Gin Blossoms..actually let me rephrase that...Dawnya and Adam didn't like them so much but Chris and I were excited! hahaha I was a little disappointed Scott wasn't there...we used to date...ok he called me once...Check out this song!

Addison Road by the Gin Blossoms ! and a few others!


Now don't ask me why, but we recently discovered that Adam is quite the juggler...he put it on his resume but I didn't think it was true...what actor tells the truth! Chris got some wine on his shirt after his third spill and after we convinced him it would stain he decided to jump in the water...with his clothes :O)
Dawnya wasn't bad at the juggling at all!

After we realized that we had had way to much wine we decided to grab some breakfast!

For those of you who know me you know my love for Tabasco...and this pretty much summed up the night!



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