Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Church (workouts)

So I have danced ever since I can remember, but as I have gotten older things have always gotten in the way of working out, school, family, friends, and sometimes anything I can find to avoid working out, but ever since I started going to Ken ( you will be introduced to him in a sec) I have been "redeemed."

My friend Edwina told me about this guy who used to teach body pump at LVAC and now taught at 24 hour. I went to his class as a guest and was completely blown away by the end. While it was your normal squat tracks, lunges, tri's, biceps, full body workout, there was something different. The music was amazing, but it was more than that.

He pushes you in a way that I can't explain. He's not pretentious and doesn't claim to know it all. He just pushes you further than you would normally go. Every week it is different and every week I find myself inspired to do great things. To fit into those size 28 jeans again, to run further than I ever have, to take risks. I mean isn't that why we workout? so that we can feel good?

At the end of every class he has us sit with our eyes closed listening to a track, usually something instrumental. When I first sat there I found myself wanting to open my eyes. Clearly I am not a yoga person..I was thinking about what I wanted to eat, what I was going to do that night, how my right ankle was hurting and if my butt crack was showing while I was sitting Indian style. When I finally was able to relax, I found myself crying. CRYING?Why am I crying? It was then when I realized that I don't let myself be with myself EVER. I mean how often do you find yourself by yourself, no TV, no distractions, just being. IT was like all of the weeks CRAP has unloaded on my head and I just let it go. GONE It is only 3 minutes, but in just one month I have found myself more inspired than ever before.

So I encourage all of you, preferably after a ridiculous workout, to sit down, turn on a favorite song, and just BE with yourself. Close your eyes and be proud of all that you do, all that you are and all that you will become. Give yourself some credit and then open your eyes, and get back to all of the amazing distractions called life. And here are some of our pics from after class!

This is Ken!

 Ken: Thank you for always pushing us further each week and thank you for giving us the space to BE!


  1. Shana...I REALLY loved this post!It put a smile on my face. I'm proud of you and Edwina..but also...thanks for the inspiring words.

  2. Yippeee for workouts that shape our bodies AND affect us emotionally!

    You look fantastic, keep up the great work.

  3. Shana,
    I love your blog this week and you could not have expressed yourself any better. Ken does have a way of pushing you without you actually knowing it. Saturday is definitely a mind and body cleanse and allows the week to actually begin on a Saturday after his 1 hr and 20 minute whooping and meditation session. I love that he gets a kick out of transforming people to have the body they want while secretly challenging all fitness types. I'm so glad you get him!


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