Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anticipating Summer

Day 10



Day 10
Shoes: American Eagle Thrifted $4.50, Pants: Banana Republic Thrifted $6.50, Shirt: Old Navy, Belt: Thrifted, Earrings: Thrifted $1
I actually wore this on Saturday to one of my best friends daughters birthday. I will be posting pics, it was a Mickey Mouse themed party and we made some pretty cute and crafty things. It was so beautiful outside, I almost forgot it was still "winter" in Las Vegas, it gets to almost 40 degrees here, the problem is you are never prepared because the sun is shining and you are usually wearing short sleeves! I got a little excited! While we were at the  birthday party I realized that children really do grow up fast. I mean she was so small just one year ago, not being able to walk and talk..and now she is running everywhere and wishing everyone "Happy to You!!" My husband and I found ourselves sitting on the couch watching everyone chase, feed, clean, yell at their children. While I can't wait to have a baby I am definitely enjoying the time we have. It is such a blessing to be a parent and I can't wait to be a mom, but for now, I think I will stick to taking care of my 2 cats and 2 labs... I mean..they are my babies :O)

Sofie and Sampson





  1. hehe, i am happy being a dog mom for now, too! :)

  2. i love that yellow top!!! so cute and springy :)xoxo jcd

  3. Cute! Love that it is all thrifted. I'm a thrifty gal myself. That yellow is too cute on you!

  4. That is the greatest yellow top! I love yellow and double love it when it is done so prettily.
    I have a link up party today for anyone who wore jewelry with an outfit, link up? -

  5. Your pets are SO cute!

  6. You aren't the only one craving summer!

  7. Yellow is absolutely your colour! That top is adorable, and it looks just fabulous on you :) Speaking of adorable, I'm kind of in love with your dogs. They're just too cute. I don't have much of a maternal instinct, I admit, but I do love a cute dog :)

  8. I'm a cat mom. I love babies, and I have always wanted a family. But, for now I get to enjoy my nieces, and nephews.
    My Heart Blogged

  9. Thank you so much everyone! I managed to get my husband to take some pictures! and yes..I love my puppies..I just might feature them more..haha

  10. I am in love with your yellow top! It looks extremely cute!!!


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