Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Anyone Need A Tutor?

Day 6







Day 6

Pants: Banana Republic (Thrifted) $6, Shoes: American Eagle (Thrifted) $4.50, Shirt: H&M $7, Belt: (Thrifted) $2, Scarf: QMode 1998! $3, Headband: Gifted Thank you Jolana!, Purse: PRADA (or BRADA haha ) Downtown L.A  $10, Lip Pencil: Mom's, Polish: Indoor Swapmeet $1, Jacket: Steve & Barry's (Thrifted) $5 IT was cold outside not part of the 30x30

So by request I have added how much everything is. My friend made a good point. There are so many thrift stores out there that are expensive..and I will have you know that anything over $10 is ridiculous as far as I am concerned (unless it is a true vintage piece that you MUST have Exhibit A). Some things are tough since I have had them forever, so I am estimating, but most thrifted items are from Savers, Goodwill, or Desert Industries in this 30x30, a lot of items I have owned and have never worn, because like you, I have made excuses..you know which excuses I am talking about...I'm not the right size to wear that, my job doesn't allow that, I don't have anywhere to go, it washes me out, I can't pull that off..yadda yadda...I really just got annoyed with myself..so I am excited..because I am here, and I must say these photo shoots just keep getting more and more fun! Though the spectators are pretty funny, I especially like my commercial for tutoring! haha If anyone needs a tutor...haha no but seriously. 

I have also decided that I will be wearing all of my purses...ALL of them..since about 60% of them have dust on them and I never use them...so I will be doing my best to feature one of my amazing thrifted finds, cuz I must say I have some really fun bags and they have never been outside :O(

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and compliments. I just love all of the ladies I have met through this blog world and I love the support. I really encourage everyone to try this 30x30 remix, can you imagine if everyday was a challenge where you were rewarded for being creative, outrageous, and a risk taker. So, get out your lipstick that washes you out, the skinny jeans that are too tight on your thighs, and put on those 4 inch heels that squish your toes when you walk..cuz I must say..it feels darn good.

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Happy Wednesday!


  1. You are so right about thrift stores being outrageous. We live in a small town & some of the ones around here are so expensive. It seems Aeropostale is a big seller around here & quite honestly I can shop their store sales and get better prices than most of our local thrift stores want. I suppose it's all about having a watchful eye! You look great in today's outfit. I love the pop of red you added. It really does make the outfit! BTW, I went and voted and entered your giveaway!

  2. i love your white top! very very cute! xoxo jcd

  3. i'm in love with this lovely bag!! and the blue nail polish is unexpected but so fun!

    cute and little
    come join the color brigade!

  4. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! I am in love with your bag - I'm dying for a red bag myself and now I get why...its such a great dash of color.


  5. Love, love, love this outfit! Love the blouse. Love the red scarf (my fav color!). Love the blue nails (my fav nailpolish color!). Love the bag. Love the headband. You look fab. :)


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