Monday, February 07, 2011

Mrs. Mustard and a Borrowed Broach



Sweater: Gifted (Thanks Edwina!), Scarf: Gifted, Bracelet: Thrifted Savers $1, Shoes: American Eagle (Thrifted), Jeans: F21 (thrifted), Glasses: Bought when I turned 30 :0(, Broach: BORROWED AND RETURNED Thanks Jolana!

Weekend Wrap up:

  • This weekend was great but flew by way too quickly. These pictures were taken at my friend’s house where I went through her closet and gave her special treatment!!! I will introduce her in my next few posts and talk about the "Second Look Project" that I have started. Changing lives one closet at a time!!! Seriously is amazing. and I will show you how to do it...If I did it then so can you!!!
  • A dear friend's grandfather passed away this weekend and I have her and her family in my prayers, I know all too well the feeling of this tragedy and I am so glad that I was able to be with her while she was here, I love you!!!
  • Body By Ken was amazing and I brought a dear friend with me! Now I can't feel my legs :O)
  • Went to one of my best friend’s house to plan her daughter's second birthday, so excited! Children grow way too quickly.
  • Husband planned an amazing night for us on Sunday and I will post this later as well, we went to dinner and then he took me up to the highest point in Red Rock and we looked at the city's lights. For those of you who have never been to Las Vegas, we really do have some of the coolest views from the was special, I love him.
  • Isn't that pearl broach great? I have decided that anytime I wear a scarf I will be wearing a broach and that is that.
Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. sounds like husband gets some browny points!

    I looovvee that scarf

  2. Amongst a pretty heart wrenching weekend, I managed to also have a great weekend with great friends. I love you too, Shana! And I can't wait till you get to MY closet! ;)

  3. i have a similar mustard top :) love that scarf! xoxo jcd


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