Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here Comes the Sun...Little Darling...Here Comes the Sun...



Plaid & Whiskey



Shoes: Seychelles Nordstroms Rack, Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft, Shirt: Old Navy, Necklace: Thrifted Savers
The sun is literally coming...and yes, that is a bottle of whiskey next to me on the ground...only in Vegas do you see a bottle of booze in a residential area...lovely isn't it. I am really liking plaid right now..I have never been one to wear it, but I kept seeing everyone in something similar and when I came across it at Old Navy for $6, I thought I would give it a go. I like...I also love my Seychelles and I really need to get more of these lovely shoes. Vintage inspired details and comfort, these shoes really do describe me, I heart them...check them out!

I must also say thank you to my father, my husband, my sister, and my friends, for reminding me..that I will see the light...and not like CarolAnn in the Poltergeist...but like a revelation as to why things happen. I was sent this quote and it really hit home...

"If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, your're right." --Mary Kay Ash

This is soo true...and it goes for everything...I CAN'T run, or I CAN'T be happy...I finally realized that what I tell myself, is what I truly believe I can do. Imagine the possibilities when you tell yourself you can. I know, I know...sometimes we fall flat on our face...but I have noticed that more so than often amazing things happen. go along with my telling week, I just thought I would share some enlightenment I had, oh and this quote made my day...Thank you photographer extraordaire...

"If opportunity Doesn't knock, build a door"

Just so you know...My door has a vintage knob and will lead me to opportunity, happiness, and health. I can't wait...
Happy Wednesday!



  1. Whoa...I ALMOST wore MY Old Navy blue plaid shirt today with a skirt! I changed my mind because it's still a little chilly for a short skirt. You look great!
    And I'm glad to see you're feeling a little better about things. :) You have a great family and fantastic friends (if I do say so myself.) :)

  2. that shirt is one of my faves. so bright and fun! xoxo jcd :: enter to win my jewelry giveaway !!

  3. i really really like that plaid gingham shirt! especially with the skirt and belt.

  4. I love the shirt, where did you get it? and you look stunning! :)

  5. I am also in love with your shoes! I'm checking out the website right now!



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