Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Eat The Berries...


Green Ruffles

Green Ruffles



Green Ruffles



Outfit Details
Shoes: Impo Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Top: Banana Republic (last Decemeber)
Bracelet: Thrifted
Earrings: F21
Belt: Took it from one of my dresses :O)
I'm still not completely sold on these witch/pilgrim shoes but I love them. Does that make sense? haha I hate it when you have something in your closet that you really like and hate it at the same time. I do LOVE this old fashioned skirt. I got it at Savers of course for like $3 and when I initially tried it on it wouldn't zip...that was when I was getting my masters..and wrote papers and never moved for a year and a half! I like to think I am continuing to drop the has definitely been a struggle but I'm gonna keep goin..anyway..this top is from Banana Republic, on sale, but it is quite obvious that I am what you would call cheap frugal, and I really don't like paying more than $10 for anything.unless it is my make up, which is almost triple the price of 90% of my CLOSET! Anyway, back to the was $18, I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but I also bought THESE shoes for $10 from there, so it just makes me mad sometimes how things are priced!
Can I just say once again, I am so humbled by all of the comments all of you sweets have been leaving? I mean seriously, I really wish there was more time in the day and I could actually visit every single one of you!!

Since I am still new to this blogging world, and since I don't know all of you, I am asking if you could introduce yourself and tell me who you are so I can get to know you, and everyone else can too! Just leave it in the comment section it will be fun. K I will start

"Hi my name is Shana, I was born and raised in Vegas, I am not a stripper though I dance, I love my family, music, vintage, and my boo boos (my 2 labs Sophie and Sampson & 2 cats Oscars and Sasha)...I am loving blogging as it is getting me to really dig deep into my closet and enjoy all of the amazing pieces I have found over the years and I have been gifted. I love my husband and can't wait to start a family and look like some of you fabulous mommies who are rockin skinny jeans and stiletto' many more posts, comments and inspiration to be had by all . The END"

See not so hard huh? haha ok let's see who we can get to know shall we...
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Pick of the Day

I NEED THIS DRESS. Enough said.

oh, and this reminded me of when we were kids and my mom always told me not to eat the berries...haha I wanted to try it so bad when I was kid..some things don't change...haha CLICK HERE for more pics and possible silliness...

Green Ruffles



  1. First of all, I love that skirt and shirt combo. So much fun!

    I think you know me somewhat, but I'll give a recap. I'm Elizabeth, I'm from WA State. I currently live with my parents and work part-time at a local university, but I'm headed to Europe this summer and grad school this fall. I can't wait for all the excitement in store!!! I love sports, dogs, and laughing so hard my abs hurt. Most importantly, I'm addicted to shoes and aspire to have your closet and thrifting skills.

    And then I wrote an essay. :)

  2. Oh my gosh thank you Elizabeth!! First off, that was PERFECT! How awesome getting to go to Europe..ughhh LOVE SHOES! and I have started a project I will be featuring May 1 that just may help in the thrifting arena :O) THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY NIGHT! I love getting to know you!

  3. Hi, I'm Dawnya. I also grew up in Las Vegas and went to college with you. You and I used to enjoy wearing the same clothes and eating at Taco Bell at 2 in the morning. I'm obsessed with dogs and hot sauce (not together). And now because of you...I have a PASSION for thrifting and fashion! ;)


    P.S. You FINALLY got those shoes! Let's wear them at the same time! haha

    Everything Nonsense

  4. hahah ! YES! WE must wear them at the same time! I might have to bust out our matchy matchy clothes! THANK YOU DAWNYA!!!LOVE YOU! Sometimes I wish we were still in college :O(then I remember that I am glad we are not

  5. Hi! my name is Carissa and I am loving that top picture mucho! I was born in WV (gasp!) and live in MD where I only dance in the privacy of my own room ; )


  6. love love...looove the skirt!!
    BTW...I am Tina, from the blog
    I was born and brought up in India, live now in South Africa since, past 2 yrs...might just as well move somewhere totally different, as me and my husband are a bit of a modern day gypsy!!

    We love our dogs and fashion.., the blog is literally as it scribbles, about everything in trend, things that ppl are talking about,...and ofcourse, things I love..much luv. xoxo

  7. Hello my name is Sarah & I fell in love with Shana at a Taco Bell in college (Dawnya is there a theme going here?). I'm from California and now live outside of Washington DC in a small town called Ashburn in Virginia. I'm really enjoying meeting people through this blogging network. Other people and their creativity inspires me. Plus with ColorBlind I've had to force myself to go through my closet and create new outfits. Fun!

    Good idea Shana on the introduction thing!

    Sarah Grecco
    Get Up & Go

  8. first i adore this outfit! i have very bland skirts, i need to find some colorful ones!! and the shoes and shirt are to die for, totally cute and put all together is just perfection!

    I'm Hillary, I was born and raised in Cali and miss it ever so much, being transplanted to Utah for almost the last 10 yrs. I have 4 girls and one military hubby who deploys 4x a year, so i do it all alone most of the time. I love fashion and style and wish i could be super savvy, but i'm just trying to get my body and style back after all these kiddos and trying to push myself to be more bold and out of my comfort zone, cuz fashion should be FUN and playful and enjoyable!!


  9. Hi! I'm Julie. I live in South Carolina (but originally from Utah) with my hubby and 2 kids. I love thrifting vintage and sewing too. You have awesome style and it inspires me! :)
    ps. I take lame pictures in my bedroom but hope to someday venture out to cool locations like you!

  10. Thank you ladies! Keep em coming I am loving reading these!!! Everyone is so interesting and from all over the world! Thank you thank you!

  11. beautiful skirt!!! i'm drooling over that find!! I've got to have one!!!

  12. Hi! I'm Lauren. I'm originally from Las Vegas and went to college with Shana, but I now live in Nebraska. I work in advertising and am a full-time mommy to two boys. I'm working on getting my pre-baby body back and in the meantime I'm enjoying going through my closet and creating new outfits.

  13. Oh, and my mom told me 100 times not to eat the Pyracantha berries when I was little. However, we would pick them, mash them and "paint" the fence in my backyard with them.

    But look what Wikipedia says: Pyracantha berries are not poisonous as commonly thought; although they are very bitter, they are edible when cooked and are sometimes made into jelly.

  14. @Hillary I adore YOU, you are my mommy inspiration SERIOUSLY
    @Julie THAN you you are one fashionable thrifter and your bedroom photos rock!
    @Megan I guarantee you if you go to a thrift store you will find one!
    @Sarah haha Taco bell...I don't even like Tace Bell haha I LOVE YOU MONK YOu are my favorite thrfiting shopper buddy
    @Tina I love your blog and your style!
    @Carissa You make me laugh, I heart you!
    @Lauren You are an amazing momma I am sure and that is hilarious about the berries haha you CAN eat them!

  15. Ok, number 1: SWEET shoes!!, and number 2: You are so gorgeous :) Love the outfit, thanks for sharing on Thrifty Thursday!!

  16. Hi Shana my name is Janae I am a 30 something momma of 2! I live in the midwest....LOVE decorating, creating, thrifting and putting it all together in what I wear and where I live! LOVE your blog, you are so adorable and the outfits you put together are inspiring!

  17. SO I just found your blog which is why this is so late- but what colour green would you say your skirt was- I really love it, I think I want one :-)

  18. @rence thank you_!! Haha never too late. I would say its a lime or almost bright green. It's vintage maybe 60's I do live this green too thank you for following!!! Good luck!

  19. I really, really ,really REALLy want your skirt.. loving the whole outfit actually, but I haven't been so lucky with thrifting skirts :(

    I have to got to hit up Savers this week--there's gotta be about five skirts out there calling my name ..



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