Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thrifters Anonymous Link Up!

Hi, My Name is {Your Name HERE} I am addicted to Thrifting!
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Thrifters Anonymous

It is Monday, and I have decided that Mondays seem like the best day to link up to Thrifters that being said, I will try this out every Monday!

Budget was $30 so we had to really go through everything!
This is what we put back! Can't wait to show you guys what I got!
So as you can see we went on an unexpected trip to Savers this weekend. I have a photo shoot coming up and was wanting to see if I could find things that I have put on my "I need this" list. And sure enough..I literally found EVERYTHING on my list..and it was within budget! I can't wait to show you guys! For more updates on our thrifting adventures or just plain silliness check out my Facebook, I will do my best to let you guys know about any sales or fun things going on!

If you are wondering, I have a Thrifters Anonymous Wanted Link Up to the left and you can find amazing links to Thrifter Anonymous Members! Check them out!!!

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the Week goes to
Miss Rockwell @ Lifestyles of the Thrifty and Shameless!

{Lifestyles of the Thrifty and Shameless }

Not only do I love Miss Rockwell and her thrifty style, she managed to find a vintage Christian Dior for $5!!! Now that is a find Miss Rockwell!. Her outfit was a $21.97-and in Miss Rockwell's eyes that is the price of 2 glasses of Moscato plus a tip! haha I love her sense of humor and I love her blog! She finds ways to thrift on all aspects of her life and that makes her one of my favorite Thrifters Anonymous Members! So go on over to her blog and show her some love!
Ok it is your turn up your finds, creations, ideas or just your cute self and let's get to rules and I promise you will all remain anonymous ;O)



  1. I'm still working on improving my thrifting skills. As much as I admire others who can do it successfully, I find that if I make ten trips to a thrift store, there will be one when I make some really great finds... and nine when I come away with nothing. But I haven't given up yet. I did find vintage Chanel after all, which means I can find anything! And when I get better, I definitely want to be a part of this, it's such a fabulous concept :) Can't wait to see all of your new treasures!

  2. WOW!!! I am sooooo late on seeing this. It's more than amazing! You're one of my favorites as well!! I wish we lived closer to each other so we could make a 'thrifting' trip together. We would come out with LOADS of great finds.


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