Friday, May 06, 2011

Leopard, A Crest, and A Bubble Skirt

Vintage Electric Blue

Electric Blue Leopard

Leopard and Electric Blue

Bubble BCBG

Electric Blue Leopard

ELectric Blue Leopard

Jessica Simpson Heels

Electric Blue Vintage Crest

Knot Necklace Kohls

Electric Blue and Leopard

Electric Blue and Leopard
Outfit Details
Shoes: Jessica Simpson ( seriously love these shoes)
Skirt: BCBG
Top: Ann Taylor Thrifted
Blazer: Second Hand Boutique ($5!)
Necklace: Kohls
I bought this bubble skirt about 6 years ago and I found it while the purging of my closet continued this week. I have never worn it cuz I realized I didn't like bubble skirts. I really wish I had known this when I paid $60 for it on sale from $185...(umm this was prior to my thrifting...also prior to me having a house and a husband) anyway...I realized..why the heck would I wear a "BUBBLE"skirt I mean...why would I accentuate my lower half by adding a bubble around it...haha anyway, I might have found a way to wear it that I actually like. So I have worn this jacket before, but I am just loving this color right now...there is this darling boutique next to my office that I got it from and there is a $5 rack! I posted some of my newest finds last week when I went on my facebook page...would love to see pics of your finds or like me on facebook so we can get to know each other..and I can secretly write down all of the place you guys go too haha or if you just want to laugh at some of the outtakes from our photoshoots!

I feel so silly by the way...I was totally planning my weekend and today I finally realized it was Mothers Day on Sunday. I mean I knew it was coming..but I actually just forgot it was Sunday....and I got sad..ugghh...I really hate this time of year. Seriously, we used to have the best Mothers Day..anyway I realized how many of my friends are new mothers and I just feel so blessed to have them in my life and to be so close to all of them. I literally have over 10 new babies in my life! hahah dad really wishes one of them were mine..but the puppies and cats are gonna have to do for now. Husbands mom lives in Alaska so it is tough since we are soooo far away! But I feel so lucky to have visited twice in less then a year!... 

Well, It's been a long week...and I am EXHAUSTED! I can't wait to show you guys some new lipstick we got tonight at Walgreens p.s. they are having a big sale on some of their products..mascara ( I am always trying a new mascara ALWAYS..I don't think I ever buy the same one twice!) and lipsticks..we got some wet N wild Lipsticks for $.69 each! I mean they are not the most highly pigmented lipsticks but they look pretty good. I also got a plumper I will let you know how it worked!

Ok, It's Friday and I am spent. Have a great end of the week!



  1. I'm pretty sure I'd steal every pair of shoes you own if I could. How convenient that they are my size. :o)

  2. I love how you combined the blue blazer with the nude heels :)

  3. The color of that blazer is fantastic!!

  4. Love the whole look shana - colbat blue blazer is fancy! i love it and now i want it! xo Nav

  5. You are lookin so fly in this blue! I love it!

    Ask the Duplex

  6. You look lovely! the balloon skirt looks great on you and your blazer is to die for! very nice styling from you and very sweet blog!

  7. Love the blazer, great find!


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