Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mission Complete...

Nail Polish was $.69 each and the Sally Hansen strips were from Ulta Buy 2 get one free!

Wet'n'Wild $.69 each!








I promised I would show some pics..I wish I had some better ones but this is what I had to work with. Please disregard the Hanukkah table cloth! haha it was the only plastic one I had...we tried this out a couple of weeks ago! I labeled this post DIY cuz you can do it yourself..and it really was easy and so worth it! We got the two that you see above, the leopard, the glitter gold, blue and one more I can't remember. Some did the whole hand some did one finger. I think they look great! And they lasted like 2 weeks! All that really happened was that my nail grew, but it held up better than the polish! Which by the way Wet'n'Wild colors are great and so cheap!

The Sally Hansen strips come with a small file that you use to file away the strip from your nail. We will be doing this again and I will post a play by play...but for now, I recommend these! I will be trying it on my toes too! A bright color with a pattern is so fun and just enough to give you some edge! We got sooo many compliments after we did this! If you guys try this or have tried it please share it on my facebook would love to hear any new ideas on how to use these awesome strips, which by the way...DRY OUT once you open the package so use them wisely ;O)
If anyone else is on Pinterest let me know so when I start pinning your blogs!!!oh and don't forget to check out the Thrifters Anonymous Posts if you haven't. You can  link up all week starting every Monday! Thank you again for all of your support..I have also encouraged everyone to show me their finds on my facebook page if you don't have a blog some of you already have which is sooo awesome!! thank you!



  1. Ohhhh my gosh, that is ADORABLE!!! I absolutely LOVE painting my nails and I've always loved painting an accent nail or two in a completely different complementary color- and recently I've fallen in love with the hombre nail look. But I've never had the stickers with patterns on them. Ugh, I want!! Sooooo cute!

  2. I'm really intrigued by these nail stickers but I didn't know of anyone else who had tried them so I hadn't been brave enough to take the plunge yet! I love the way they turned out, especially with just one nail done, it's such a fun thing to do- and such a perfect project for a fun night with the girls :) Definitely going to pick up a set next time I'm at the drug store, thanks for the recommendation
    PS: I work in group benefits, too, but for a third party administration firm. I worked for Great-West Life, first in individual disability claims and then in large group benefits, for the first three years of my career before moving into the administration side. What a small world it is! Do you work for a specific insurer?

  3. I saw a really fun nail polish on Pinterest, using water that creates a swirled polish look. I definitely have to try it. And I'm following you!

  4. how fun! i need to have a little nail party :)
    o and im on pinterest! LOVE it! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. I'm on Pinterest! I love love love it! Julieneff


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