Thursday, June 02, 2011

SAVERS: Very Important People Party

So I know this looks like an ordinary trip to Savers right? WRONG....Notice how I said, Very Important People...haha ok, there were others there too, but this my friends was a life changer. That is know like when one day you wake up and you discover not only that you are happy but you may have found something you truly love to do! ok, I isn't exactly the most amazing accomplishment..but this is so much more my friends...take a look at all of my finds and read more below... and there are a lot of pics haha so be pateint...

Savers: Vest $3.99
Savers: Fur $12.99(did not get :O)

Savers: Fake $4.99

Savers: Hat $3.99

The store is huge and soooo organized...I was completely overwhelmed!

Savers $5.99

Savers: Dress $4.99

Savers: Dress $10.99

Savers: Dress $5.99
Savers: Dress $39.99 originally $898

Savers: Dress $4.99

Savers: Shirt $2.99

Savers: $5.99

Savers: Scarf $3.99

Savers: Apron $1.99
They had the cutest aprons!

Savers: Now to decide on what to get!
I didn't get everything, but I got most of it!

If you look really closely in the upper right hand corner you can see us walking in, while the CEO is talking haha

So excited to meet the team!
These were our fortunes when we went to eat afterwards, just ADD, (At Savers) to the end...I know...AMAZING RIGHT? haha

see, I got this email last week and I began to read it while getting ready for another "sister night." The title read something like this " Summerlin Savers Opening in Las Vegas." I thought it was another regular email from the Automatic Savers Club email list. BUT no!!! It was an email from SHANA..(that's me) I was asked to attend the VIP Pre-opening of the Summerlin Savers with a guest, I brought photographer extraordinaire in case you were wondering.
Anyway, they actually read my blog!!! I know..after I read this, I literally started dancing around the kitchen screaming ...I mean how often does your favorite store email you? ok, some of you don't answer that haha. I really believe in what they do for our community, for local jobs, and their alliances with local non-profits, AND for my closet. I truly feel like I am giving back every time I donate, and this makes Savers and ME a match made in heaven. That's me below...haha This Summerlin store is AWESOME, so for all of you locals check them out tonight for the Grand Opening! You can get more info from their Facebook!

I have some surprises for everyone and can't wait to share with you more pictures, tips and tricks to surviving the Savers experience, and where this will all go. We got to meet the amazing team at Savers and I can't wait to show you pics of their outfits! Until then visit me on Monday's to link up your finds from Savers, Value Village, or any other store you went to this passed weekend and found a deal. I will showcase some of my recent finds, you can also link up your craftiness or great ideas! You can become an official member of Thrifters Anonymous HERE. I promise some great things are coming your way!

THANK YOU again to the Savers team for making this Vegas girls dream come true!


  1. OMG! I'm so thrilled for you. I'm even more thrilled to be at Summerlin Savers in 3 weeks!!!!!!

  2. WOW. looked like a fun date lady! I love going to Value Village (=savers in US).

    I cant wait to see how you would style these pieces. I love the third photo :)

    xo Nav

  3. How exciting!! I miss Savers! I started shopping at the one on Trop back in Jr High. But sadly they don't have Savers in Texas.

    Btw, LOVE that turquoise striped dress!!!!

  4. It's so cool that they contacted you :)Seems like you got your hands on some awesome goodies too

  5. oh wow! you've got a lot of gorgeous dresses. jealous! :) i love shopping a lot and i bet you do too ^_^

    happy for you!

    much love,

  6. Wowie, you're a Savers Celebrity now! So I would have totally flipped right past those dresses you found, but they all look amazing on you...and you even have them on top of your other dress! Love those hats too. Can't wait to hear more!

  7. How FUN and exciting! You've made the bigtime!

    I'm so glad you got most of those things because you look utterly adorable. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  8. jackpot!! man, what a great haul-i hope you bought that red dress. and i love the dress you're wearing too!

  9. Wow-I can't believe they e-mailed and asked you to come out! That's so exciting and you found some great stuff!

  10. I would have totally LOST ALL OF MY MIND in there. I mean literally...I would've died! And there is NO WAY I could've taken anyone along because they would've gotten sick of me mindlessly rumaging through the racks over and over again. It looks like you had an awesome time though and I'm sure you scored a bunch of flyness. Can't wait to see more pics!


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