Thursday, June 23, 2011



So, I AM wearing something from my 30x30 challenge...but I apologize for the lack of outfit post today as I have been out of control busy which is a great thing..and I have been working on something SUPER...that's right...SUPER...and this guy next to me wanted to go to the movies for date night this week, so we did, and it was fantastic...or SUPER rather...haha ok I am lame. Bottom line...go see Super will enjoy..oh and DON'T pay an extra $6 to wear these silly glasses...cuz it's not in 3d...haha we just wanted to wear the glasses...haha

Stay tuned for the comment of the week and the super project I am proud to present to you...



  1. ahh you look great in mustard! thanks for the heads up about the movie. now i wont waste my $ on 3D which is not 3D.


    xo Nav

  2. Mustard is definitely your color, girl! Look cute!

  3. adorable pic, shana!
    the hubs wants to see this so maybe i'll go with him... it's that or bad teacher. decisions, decisions!

  4. night! YAY!! The BF and I had date night last week. We saw the Hangover 2. He enjoyed it but yeah...ME...I definitely slept through at least 80% of it. Sheesh. I'm soooo not good at withstanding the pressure of staying awake in movie theaters.

    You two look super cute though. Can't wait to hear about this super duper project you have coming up!

  5. You two look SO CUTE!!!!! I love it. I had date night with Hubby this week too. We saw Midnight in Paris. It was very Woody Allen. Owen Wilson was perfect. Rachel McAdams was annoying. Overall, a very cute and lovely movie.


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