Saturday, July 30, 2011

Going with the flow...


Seven Jeans Thrifted Savers

Belt Nine West Savers

Michael Kors Marshalls

Going with the Flow

Lipstick Lancome

Outfit Details
Wedges: Michael Kors Marshalls
Wide Leg Jeans: Seven Thrifted Savers
Belt: Nine West
Top: Thrifted Savers

This week has gone by so fast...tonight we are celebrating my grandpa's birthday...he will be 86 August 3rd...He is so will be nice to have everyone together, I know how much he will appreciate it.....

The hubby has been working diligently on assisting me with my little project...i.e. video....he created a demo and I almost fell off the couch...if it didn't have some "for my wife only" content I would show you guys...let's just say it included a lot of winking, Jodeci, and slow motion...hahaha anyway...see that poll on the side of the page? I need you guys to help me out and let me know what you would like to see first?

I will post my first preview on Monday's Thrifters Anonymous meeting so get your stuff together and don't forget to link up and show some love for all that do!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend...I plan on it...I will remind myself every hour that it is the weekend....that way it's not Monday and I am wondering what the heck I did!



  1. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa. Hope you all have a great celebration!!!

  2. Oh girl I'm so glad I found you! First of all, I think you are beautiful! I love the layout of your blog and its concept and I'm so so excited to start participating in Thrifters Anonymous! I work at a consignment store so my entire wardrobe is pretty much secondhand!
    Can't wait til Monday! Following you now!

    Oh, question (since I just found your blog) about the outfit numbers...are you doing a 30 for 30? or is that just how you post? Just curious!

  3. Happy Birthday to your grandpa!!

  4. Love this outfit Shana! Can you please help me put some outfits together in my closet when you get here.....

    Happy Birthday to Papa! You know I love him as we share the same bday. XO.

    Get Up & Go

  5. I love everything about this! Your hair especially, ties the whole outfit together :)


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