Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If you want me you can watch me on your video phone...

Yellow Jacket Thrfited Savers


Purse My Mom's


Belt Thrifted Savers

Purse My Mom's Snake Ring Grandmas

Heels BCBG

Round AboutRoundabout

Round About

Outfit Details
Heels: BCBG Thrifted Savers
Skirt: Vintage Thrfited Salvation Army
80's Jacket: Thrifted Savers
Men's Belt: Thrifted Savers
Necklace: Betsy Johnson Thrifted Savers
Snake Ring: Vintage my Grandma's
Top: Thrifted Savers (Inside Out)
Purse: My Mom's!

I like that song...only 5 years ago Beyonce was talking about bug aboos and paging her on her beeper...now she's talking about video phones....So I found myself watching videos last night...no..not those kinds of videos...haha a lot less controversial...and probably less interesting to most...I can't believe how long ago clothing haul, thrifting haul, and any other kind of fashion and how-to videos started..I mean..I just feel REALLY out of the loop and frankly a little old. Where the heck have I been!

 I finally dusted off my Sony HD camera I got for my birthday 2 years ago...yes that would have meant I was 29....ughhh...anyway...I have decided that I will be attempting some videos...I am not exactly sure of the details...or how or what I will do...but I'm gonna do it folks...so if there are any ideas out there I would love some feedback...

My first video I THINK, will be at one of my favorite stores...that's right folks...the infamous...or FAMOUS SAVERS....I will let you guys choose the department I will go to first...not sure how hepful it will be you might think photographer extraordinaire and I are wackadoodles...but it just may be fun..and you can see our craziness in action!

See that poll on the left hand side...go ahead...scroll over to the left...underneath my peeps...let me know and I will get on it...I was totally inspired by this thrifty fashionista here, one of my newest thrifting best friend here, and last but not least this little missy here who I just love..I don't know her but I feel like I have for years...

P.S. Don't forget to link up to Thrifters Anonymous this week....did you guys see everyone's stuff!
I am loving the Colorblocking by KayCee, Bri's flowers and butterflies, Sarah's nautical stylings, Julies bright red skirt, LaSophia's Urban Outfitters headband that WAS a necklace and thrifted, a dimpleate's thrifted prada sunglasses....ughhh I could literally go on and on...I can not tell you how excited I get to look at everyone's finds...read the many stories and travels it took to get these items...so keep it up...you inspire me...and I am sure you inspire everyone else too!!



  1. So much for my "I don't want no scrubs" post. ;)

    I LOVE this outfit! And great shot by P.E. with the wind in your skirt!!!! Nice!

    Love you both!

    Everything Nonsense

  2. wow girl, you have some major skill in the thrifting world, i love it!! that skirt is beyond awesome!!

  3. whoa! this is one bright statement jacket!! i'm ecstatic! hope i can find one here too!



  4. you're sooo good at doing the big hair bun! i love it! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. Your skirt is so cute and I love the bight yellow blazer!

  6. This is the 2nd bright blazer I've seen this morning! I'm loving them! And as usual, you are gorgeous, m'dear!

  7. such an adorable purse and special mama's too!! love love the yellow blazer on you.

    xo Nav

  8. Your hair is beautiful! I would give so much to have hair like yours!! And what a fun outfit you have!

    Thanks for the jewelry tips! I'm thinking that those ideas might be what I like best...as much as I would love to hang my earrings on wire mesh, there's something so fun about laying it across little bowls and vintage plates. And thanks for the pictures!

  9. wackadoodles are totally underrated ;)

  10. I absolutely LOVE that skirt!

  11. Omg I cant wait to see you in action! hahaha. This will be great! I love your hair color, Ive never really noticed. Do you have pieces of black in it? Kinda looks like a sexy tiger.

  12. Gorgeous polka dot skirt..super cute!! Love the shoes too!!



  13. this outfit is so fun and happy. looking good!

  14. That purse is to die for! It's so so so so amazing :)

    Looking forward to the videos.


  15. I swear you have the most gorgeous hair! So glad to see you linked up this week! Yellow is a great color for you.

  16. Your mom must have AMAZING style because that purse is to die for! Soooooooo lovely! {The outfit is darling, too of course :)}


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