Saturday, August 27, 2011

Call time

Jean Shirt Thrifted Savers

Necklace Thrifted Savers

Skinny Jeans Marshalls

Bracelet Thrifted Savers

Madden Girl Wedges Marshalls

Outfit Details
Denim Shirt: Wranglers Thrifted Savers
Olive Green Skinny Jeans: Marshalls
Red Belt: Thrifted Savers
Strappy Wedges: Madden Girl Marshalls
Necklace: Thrifted Savers
Bracelet: Thrifted Savers

Today's the day folks...the first day of shooting for Little Monsters.  AAACCKKK

My call time is noon and I am freaking out...I don't even have any actually lines today...haha nope...I say NOTHING....I guess I am just excited nervous... I haven't actually met the cast but I have heard that everyone rocks...including the kids in the film..I'm excited to see who my "son" is hahaha.

The movie has a facebook page here and you can like the page and check out pics of the cast and on set silliness and follow us along this journey...they also have a twitter you can follow too....

I must say I am not concerned on where it is going to go as much as I am excited that I get to be on the ride...I have wanted to work on a project like this for years and I am FINALLY doing it...soooo I gotta go get a wonderful Saturday...errr ummm yeah...crap..I just got nervous again haha...




  1. I love the demin shirt!! Can i borrow it?! Haha jp. Good luck today on set! You will do great! Just picture everyone in their underpants lol (it never worked for me, but it might work for you lol).


  2. When I was in high school, my drama teacher gave me some amazing advice. He told the class that when you're feeling nervous, don't openly say it or think that you're nervous. He said to instead say, "I'm excited!" His reasoning behind this was that when you are nervous, negative things tend to happen. That word is associated with negativity. But when you're excited, only good things can happen. So...are you excited yet? ;)

    Congrats on being in the movie! It sounds like it's going to be funny.

    As for your know it's fab, girl. Love the denim top and those skinny olive jeans. It's a great look!

  3. Really love the shirt and shoes. You might need to bring them to me in a few weeks......


  4. Love the outfit! Completely fantastic. Hope that everything was completely terrific today!


  5. This is different Shana. I'm so used to seeing you in skirts or dresses so this is a great spin! Love the olive green skinnies-they can easily be thrown into your fall wardrobe-I have them in about two or three different shades!!

  6. Wow I'm loving your blog..and your outfit is simply casual and cute.

    I certainly have an appreciation for thrifting..if I had more time I would probably be addicted...anywho its amazing how as a youth going to a thrift store was so embarrassing and I had very little if any I will totally brag, if prompted to, about a thrift find...

    Anyways I've got my eye on your blog for sure.. :)

  7. Love these pants! They look great on you. Good luck with your movie!

  8. I find it so difficult for me to pair a denim long sleeve up with anything but you've convinced me other wise. I have a denim shirt hanging in my closet with a tag still attached to me. I may have to try it this way. Thanks!


  9. Love the color of those skinny jeans!


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