Monday, February 20, 2012

Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! Goodwill "EPIC" trip...

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week goes to  Laura from
 By the way this is what we wore today
 Dress: One Clothing (thrifted)

You guys are making it incredibly difficult for me to choose a member of the week...but this dress Laura found...was simple and so perfect...I LOVE the color and love how she styled it...I also love that you paired it with Steve madden boots...I'm gonna have to get one...of these dresses that is...
WELCOME to Thrifters Anonymous Laura...and I can't wait to see what you wear tomorrow ;o)
If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous member of the week click HERE
  You can also see what I wore all week and where I got it on the Thrifters Anonymous You Tube Channel!
Before I forget don't forget to take advantage of the 50% OFF day at SAVERS!!!

It was sister night and it was just the original sisters....P.E. and we made a quick and rather long stop at Goodwill...I really wanted to see if I could find some workout tops...I have been having luck finding BRAND new workout tops at goodwill...yep...with tags and all...I mean..who wants to spend $50 on a Nike top when you can get it for $4.99 yep....anyway we found some awesome stuff...but only left with a few things..I also got myself a brand new Penguin lunch bag..tags still on for all of my meals for the week!
So if you don't want to see what we didn't or did get you can SCROLL all the way down and Link up your finds!

Loved the stripes..and the white...but I's almost spring/summer...I did love this dress though...

P.E. loved this 80's jacket...but it was a little too big...though the detail is great...when it's big...DO NOT GET IT...unless you plan on sewing it...but often times it is not worth it.

This vintage eyelit dress was great...but see through and not as fitting as I would have liked

80's motorcycle jacket...haha she passed on this one..

You can't really see the ruching detail in the front..but this purple 80's leopard...amazingness is currently in my closet waiting to be worn...I LOVE this dress...

P.E. was all about the the yellow...she passed though...

I really loved the silver pleating on this velvet and silk dress..imagining it with a leather jacket and booties...anyway...I passed...

This form fitting suede dress fit P.E like a glove..and I loved her blouse she was already wearing with it...olive green and blue...very pretty...

This was one of the few furs that were donated by liesel blumenthal furs in Beverly Hills...VERY VERY vintage...and super cute...I didn't get it...but I did imagine wh ever owned it wearing it in the 50's

Another vintage piece...P.E. kept saying it was part of her Michelle OBAMA starter kit...haha

Now that I look at this pic I wish I had just gotten this vintage blouse...I loved the stripes..and colors...

This vintage Liz Claiborne fit her so nice..and the velvet collor and buttons on the back were perfection..

Loved this..but didn't get...

Brand new vertigo dress....didn't get it..

This dress reminded me of my Diane Von Furtenberg dress...except this one is from the 60' pretty...I passed.

This was actually a Lane Bryant was a little big on P.E. but so pretty right?

More vintage...

and more vintage..

Coldwater Creek skirt...who would have thought!

I WAS so all over this kimono crop top....GOT IT!

We found a bunch of great bags...I didn't get any though...






Haha...umm I found real leather...$300 chaps..that fit me perfectly...I was just imaging the best costume ever....I ended up passing on them..I October I will never be able to find them..especially for $10...
DSC04893 Friday I was all excited about an epic find...and here it is folks...I know you guys may not see it as epic...amazing...and some of you might even see it as offensive...but it is vintage...I have traced it back to probably the 50's from the is hand made...and I LOVE it...

 Remember, things can be new and thrifty...if you are new to Thrifters Anonymous CLICK HERE to learn a little more about how we do...and get on board! You can also link up on PINTERESTTWITTER, or FACEBOOK, if you don't have a blog!

Now it is your turn!
 If you have a thrifted item, a sale item, or something you can help others save money or time on from this past week, Link up to Thrifters Anonymous every MONDAY and you will have a chance to be featured! Let's be real folks...who doesn't want to see what others are doing to save money, or even how they are letting their creativity amaze us. Oh and not to mention that it's just a cool club and there are no rules, so I won't punish you if you don't want to post my button...I mean it is anonymous right? Thank you and see you every Monday!

Hi, My Name is {Your Name HERE} I am addicted to Thrifting!
Thrifters Anonymous

Here is how it works...
  • In the "Link it to" section, leave a link to one specific Thrifters Anonymous post from the past week or week prior...doesn't matter...
  • In the "Title" section, tell me what was thrifted cuz you were super excited about your outfit or new couch . An example would be "Thrifted Belt, handmade skirt, & shoes on sale!
  • That's all...and there is no judgement here...everything is worthy...and believe me once you link up you are officially a Thrifters Anonymous Member...FOR EVA..ha ha ok..or as long as I am doing this madness..
  • If you miss the link up or do not have a blog Link up to my facebook and share! I would love to see your finds and meet you!
  • You can also check out my Youtube channel for Hauls, stylings, and more!



  1. You guys scored! Love those bags...and the furs...LOVE!

  2. wow what a stunning mustard color dress, the color is amazing, and thrifted? Who on earth abandoned such a pretty dress? Thanks for yet another trip to Goodwill, always so fun and exciting to watch your gals try out the clothes. You always make thrifting looks so fun!


  3. looks like FUN and I like all the faux fur vests and coats!!

    check out the prom themed birthday party on my blog. kisses!

  4. What fabulous finds Shana!! The furs are amazing, and the purple 80s leopard dress is esp. fabulous. Also loved the striped blouse (don't want to make you feel bad that you didn't get it though!! ;)

    Catherine x

  5. I really wish we had a savers...its chuck FULL of awesome stuff! super fun finds!

  6. your epic find is indeed epic my love


  7. Wow, Laura's dress is so beautiful! I would so get it too if I would see it in the thrift store! And, I can't get over all the fur coats and jackets you found at the Goodwill- I haven't seen any of those around here, and this is something I really really really want to have in my closet! Aaww...
    Good luck!

  8. I love the purple leopard dress. It's gorgeous!

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