Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stop and Smell the Roses

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Well, Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! I gotta say, this day has always been an interesting one...mostly full of searching for something red or pink to wear only realizing I don't own anything even remotely close to those colors and making appointments for a piercing, in my ear of coarse, my belly button is pierced but that was it...don't get any ideas. Anyway, what I am trying to say is...I have never really held this holiday very high, if you can even call it a holiday, and the only person in my life that did was my mom...she was always so excited to get us small boxes of chocolates, and heart shaped anything. I never really thought twice about it until she wasn't here to do that anymore.

And then I realized, MAN, I really miss getting those silly overpriced bears that sometimes sing songs when you press their belly. I had planned a rehearsal this evening not even thinking that my hubby would have something planned...I mean..I did get him something and I had my own MY HEAD, but we never actually communicated anything until last night, when he said you better be ready at 5:30...and I was like...ummm ok but I have rehearsal...and there it was...that look...that

" I CAN'T BELIEVE you planned something on VALENTINES DAY" look..

I mean last year we went to Del Taco and ordered a spicy chicken burrito and went to Ross...don't get me wrong...TOTALLY my favorite things to do..prior to my Eat Clean Routine...have you tried the DEL SCORCHO at Del Taco...but I just didn't think he had anything planned...and then it hit me...maybe I do like this holiday and I have somehow managed to get on the "I HATE this heart day" train like all those haters out there...thinking I was cool all anti-day of love and spouting out " EVERYDAY should be heart day yadda yadda I'm wearing BLUE" only realizing that everyday is just any day..and we don't stop to SMELL the Roses literally...I was stopped alright....last night when I realized that MY VALENTINE had actually planned something for us...ughhhh....I'm so thankful for those moments...where you get SLAPPED in the face with the fact that you are moving way too FAST and you need to take a step back. So for all you lovers and haters and everyone in between...Happy Valentines Day...cause sometimes we need a Hallmark holiday to remind us to Smell the Roses...

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day! The roses are beautiful. Your lips look pretty. It's nice that you're having a romantic even better than "Hallmark" holiday style Valentine's day.


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