Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Date Night Dresses and different plans...


Outfit Details
Dress: c/o Marshalls
Booties: Marshalls 
Sweater: Vintage 
Stockings: c/o luxxa
Watch: Vintage
Stone Bracelet: c/o Love Knot Necklaces 

So there are times when I see something that I get excited about...times where I will think of an outfit as quarky as it is and think... HEY...that would be fun to wear on a date night? Thanks to Marshalls...I always seem to find exactly what I need...and when I say EXACTLY...I mean ...basically anything in the store....haha you know what I mean...anyway...last weekend I pulled this slightly too short...almost too cold to wear...super sexy...striped circle skirt dress out of my closet I had just got at Marshalls...I dolled it up with my latest "I'm about 2 years too late to the stockings train" stockings out and put on some lipstick...I didn't manage to wash my hair..but let's face it...I'm exhausted and it had been one heck of a week...our lab had ate some of my moisturizer and lip butter but it wasn't anything un commom...he EATS EVERYTHING.. a little throw up...nothing to worry about this date night was gonna happen..and thanks to Marshalls.. they sent me a gift card to a restaurant of my choice...being that I am in competition prep and eating anywhere is basically not gonna happen I chose Greens & Proteins...you will see more about that place when we ACTUALLY go there....

see....after these pics were snapped and the sun was going down...I went back in to grab my purse when I noticed Sampson had vomited again...and this time...I knew it wasn't normal...something was wrong...and I looked at my hubby and told him we needed to go to the emergency room...he wasn't totally thrilled but knew we needed to do it.

3 hours later and an X-ray and IV...Sampson's Intestines were scrunched together and the vet that was on call told us we needed to keep him overnight..Without totally destroying your breakfast I will make this short and sweet and follow up with how he is doing in another post.

SAMPSON...our baby boy was taken to his vet on Monday morning only to be rushed into surgery and cut open 7 times to discover he had not only eaten my moisturizer...the whole bottle...a stick....some random plastic....but FLOSS....a WHOLE FREAKING CONTAINER of FLOSS. The floss had made its way down his intestines and attached to all the plastic twisting and turning...The Siena Animal Hospital saved his life...and 5 days later...Sampson is home....there are still some concerns...but...that my friends...was my date night...so needless to say...I WILL be planning another date with my hubby....and maybe this time we will make it a weekend...Recently I picked up the sexiest pair of Stuart Weizman boots thanks to Marshalls, for 75% off....and a few other pieces...and we WILL be going to Greens & Proteins.

Thank you to all of you on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook for sending your love...and support...it helped me through it...I don't have kiddos yet....but I am sensing this is just a taste of what momma's go through.....love you guys...and hopefully DATE NIGHT ended different for you :O)

P.S. Speaking of Marshalls if you guys want to see the grand opening of the new Marshalls on the strip you can watch it HERE!

Some of the items in this post were  sponsored by Marshalls. Thank you so much for supporting my sponsors and supporting me and our little family!


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  1. This look is so cute! Love the color of the sweater.
    and I'm so glad the puppy is alright! That must have been so scary!


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