Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm 34 today...

Thank you to Stacie Frazier...I have met my creative dreams soul mate... you guys should get one of those...they are awesome ;O)

So, last night I stayed up till midnight working on some special projects...I looked at the clock and realized I was officially one year older. My hubby walked into the living room and sang me the most ridiculous birthday song ever and it was perfect. I am happy. I have tons of wants..but I am content...and I am living the life I want... feels good to say is it hard to be content..the shot above was taken this past weekend when I finally dived into a private yoga class...there were a few that were on the more advanced side and some that were totally beginners...but I was excited to challenge thing about getting old is well..your body just doesn't do what it used to do...I mean I was a dancer and still dance...and I am soo tight and NOT as flexible as I used to be!  Anyway back to today.  

The hubby sang loud and there I was totally aware that I sleep less...that my back ached...that if I don't drink enough water I will wake up all dry and wrinkly... that if you turn wrong you CAN tweak your back and I NEED my morning cup of coffee to officially open my eyes...haha but man there are so many other things that are amazing...and every year I look back at and usually think of one thing that defined that year...funny how we often think of the tragedy...and while there are things that make up your year or for me even a couple of years...this past year was filled with fire...I felt fearless...and jumped head first into things that scared the crap out of me...heck some still do!

I have the honor of sharing my birthday with my dad...what a gift my mom gave to me...I can't tell you how special it is...and while I miss my mom even more so on my birthday I know that she is cheering me on this wild journey...and I even went to a secret Marshalls trip last night for our annual birthday me some new shoes and wondered the store thinking of all the things that would have made her smile... 

I start each year thinking of how I want it to be remembered....for the good I did...for the people I touched...for the clients I helped...for the goals I accomplished...for the dreams I went after... I am wanting to be more present this year even more than last....and relish in each moment...I want to notice the smile on my hubby's face and sit in the happy that we are...I want to hear my dad's wisdom...and feel my sisters laugh... look into my Sophie and Sampsons eyes and tell them I love them every chance I can get and feel their kisses...listen to my Sasha...who was my first feline friend...and cuddle with my Oscars who loves unconditionally....I'm excited about this life...and this year will be remembered...each day at a time...

A special thank you to my friends and family...your words and your life give me this desire and hope...and I want to share each moment with all of you! 

So..I'm 34...and I am ready to BRING IT....




THANK YOU to everyone for making me laugh and smile everyday! I love reading every comment and will always do my best to reply!
Love Always,

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