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Eat Clean, Train Dirty: Staying Motivated and Setting Realistic Goals

Photograhy was done by Stacie Frazier of Haute Shots. 
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So this is long one...get a cup of coffee and stay awhile! I have a lot on my mind and well this is the start of many of you find yourself looking through tons of fitness and fashion Instagram photos, facebook profiles, and magazines and just WISH you could have their abs...or their follow their every move and try to emulate their diet and exercises... I used to spend hours looking at all these women and men telling myself I would NEVER look like any of them..

I am not built that way...and how sad is it that I wasted so much time comparing myself to people who had nothing to do with me! Ever since I started this fitness journey I have come to realize how mean we are to ourselves...myself included....I hear my friends even my family talk about how they hate certain parts of their body or wish they could change something....again...myself included... I wish I could tell all of you guys that it will go away once you reach that DAY or that GOAL...but if you are like me it is hard to be satisfied with where you are at. See the pics above were a couple months back..I wasn't really leaning out nor was I pigging out..I was just leading a balanced lifestyle of eating clean and training dirty haha unfortunately in my head that is what you call FLUFFY...once you have seen your body transform and you know what you are capable of it is almost impossible to be happy with THIS stage...but I took pictures and I love them...and they are of me living a life that fits my LIFESTYLE, my PRIORITIES, and my GOALS.

So since we will probably never be satisfied with where we are at the moment, I am using my I WANT list and New Years Resolutions to challenge all of us to set goals for ourselves that we can ACTUALLY MEET!, Goals that work with your lifestyle, goals that are not a year out...goals that won't ruin your relationship or cause any harm to your body... you know what I am talking about ladies and gents...
You can not compare your goals to others goals...they don't have the same lifestyle, priorities  or possibly even fitness levels as you do. If you see that someone is squatting 150 lbs and they have a nice butt it does not mean you have to go and do that. Or you hear that someone is only eating 1000 calories a day and they lost 5lbs... Everyone is so different and if there is anything I have learned it is that you MUST  set realistic goals that meet the needs of YOU. I don't do hours of cardio and I don't eat just lettuce and body likes weghts and it likes sweet potatoes and water...LEARN what your body needs...LISTEN to your body!

I was recently talking to a good friend about how I keep's funny...I am not always motivated...but I set realistic goals that are sometimes weekly or daily! You don't want to say you are going to go to the gym everyday this week if you know you have a lot of work to do or if you have never gone more than 2 days a week in your life Set your goal at 3 days and Kill IT! Too often we set ourselves up for failure...don't worry I do it too. so STOP IT! I will sometimes take pictures of myself in certain clothing and often will compare the pictures after weeks of work I put in the gym and the kitchen. I used to use others pictures until I realized...I AM NOT THAT PERSON... I love it when I hear people say "I have stopped eating bread" you love bread? haha they usually say yes and then I laugh...well that isn't going to last....haha WHY REMOVE something you LOVE knowing you will FAIL. How about a slice of bread a week? I mean unless you are really gluten intolerant don't say you are NEVER eating chocolate again when YOU LOVE you guys see where I am going here? 

When I started this journey I wanted to get fit...after 4 weeks in I decided I wanted to compete....I was FOCUSED and determined...I lost over 30 lbs I know...and there I was...CRAP...What do I do now...I what? So I  entered a spokesmodel guys know the story ...yay! now I have to get fit...again...yeah no...see my mind was still envisioning a competition body and let me tell you...that was NOT realistic...I mean..I work 8-10 hours a day, I am involved in the community, I workout out every day, I have a fashion blog, I model. I act...and more importantly I like to go out to dinner with my hubby and order potatoes for dinner and drink a glass of wine occasionally...I love my fathers Moroccan cooking and yes...sometimes I want BREAD...haha husband is going to leave me and my friends are going to disown me if I keep pulling chicken breasts out of my purse just didn't fit in my lifestyle anymore and quite frankly it wasn't a priority. I had goals and none of them included I met with my coach and we came up with a clean eating schedule that allowed me to enjoy a glass of wine here and there and with extra work in the gym or just a simple removal of a fruit I was able to maintain the same weight and same size for over a year and fact I think I got smaller? Muscles perhaps... ;O) .ALWAYS being ready and feeling fit and happy. WHOAH...that hasn't happened in 30 years haha who would have thought.

I am not unlike any of you...I am impatient and often times very critical of where I is bad enough we want to change what we were born with, but we work so hard and then get disappointed with our own GOALS...HOW STUPID! We MAKE our own rules and set our own goals...being passionate and wanting to be a better are fine...but when we start sabotaging ourselves it is a problem... I love that quote...We all have the same 24 hours...and yes I know...some have kids, some more responsibilities...but we all have priorities...and it is up to you to make yours...

SOO Moral of my long drawn out ramble...haha cuz I think I needed

Set a goal that is REALISTIC. 

Set your priorities straight and in line with your goals
Set a lifestyle that you WANT to live! 

RAISE your right hand and PROMISE:

I will look in the mirror and compliment myself EVERY SINGLE DAY....yep...DO IT...and realize that each of the phases of this journey happen for a reason...YOU are perfect where you are and it's ok to strive to be better but be happy NOW!

Don't worry I just said it too...haha 

I have been getting a lot of questions lately on my diet and workouts so I will be posting more videos and blog posts here! If there is anything you would like to know leave a comment below! Love you guys....and remember YOU are your only competition :O) So you might as well be nice to yourself...hahah

Hope I could help get you motivated just a little...I think I kinda helped me in the process.... Make your own path and create your own journey...



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