Tuesday, February 11, 2014

ColorblindFIT: SHINE

Continuing down this path of trying new things...me and Faith one of my good friends decided we would try Anti-gravitiy Yoga! I mean since I am on a new kick of yoga! We got some new workout pants from Marshalls and thought what better way to break them in...The class was small and when I say small I mean it was just Faith, my hubby,and me! It started out with some stretching and just feeling the silks...by the end of the class we were cirque de soleiling! On a serious note though...at one point we found ourselves wrapped in the silks in a very freeing position...it was so relaxing..I mean...I needed this so bad....there was something about flipping upside down and just letting yourself go...I don't think I do it often enough and at one point I found myself on the verge of tears...I wasn't sad...I was just free....it was nice...

We are going to be going back to try the silks and Anti Gravity 2! You don' t have to be super flexible or even a Yogi to try it...and I promise there is a certain release you get when you are hanging upside down....Definitely one of my I WANT list DO's that I am now ADDICTED to! So if you have made some resolutions to try new things...and you are on a similar path as I am...try it...you will fall in love! Watch out I might be joining the circus! haha


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  1. This looks like fun, my friends and I were talking about it when I can (post baby). We just have to find somewhere in our locality that teaches it.


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