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Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! Thrifting with LaKeisha and Leslie at Savers! #GIVEIT100 #leadlikeagirl

Thrifters Anonymous Members of the  Week is 
LaKeisha of
Dress: Thrifted, I found this one for her at Savers! Fell in love with the style, color, and fit!

WELCOME LaKeisha to Thrifters Anonymous!!! Here you will find many Thrifting addicts, fashion lovers, deal finders and women and men who love fashion and a discount. You can always come here for advice, inspiration and more importantly acceptance...we have all gone through our own journey and I hope you can make friends with all of the TA members!!! Congrats to LaKeisha for being this weeks TA Member of the week! Show her some love and give her a warm welcome to our club! Loved all of her thrifted finds and loved even more so the fact that she stepped outside of her comfort zone and tried on everything! You will see more of her finds below and you can watch our whole trip on the Thrifters Anonymous Youtube Channel! If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous you can check it our HERE! Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel where you can go thrifting withe me...I will be updating videos soon!Don't forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM!!! I always try to post some finds out and about when I can...@colorblindblog

Well, here we are again...THRIFTING...I know I know...but hey that is why I have you guys! We met up with one of my really good friends Leslie Stein of Lead Like a Girl, you might remember her from THIS trip a long time ago and well all over Facebook and Instagram...we share a similar love and together well, it can be a problem haha anyway, Leslie has been on a journey just like we have and found herself inspired by a lovely lady named LaKeisha...after watching her #GIVEIT100 video on youtube Leslie decided she would try it out...while on her own mission Leslie Stein reached out to LaKeisha for an adventure here in Las Vegas. While she embarked on many, one of them was coming thrifting with us!

I know, doesn't seem like that inspirational...but for those of you who have been through some sort of transformation or journey like we know that thrifting is so much more than just shopping for can see MY JOURNEY HERE and through LaKeisha's adventure you will see we had lots of fun...lots of laughter...and more importantly a chance to really SEE ourselves in a new light..and well lots of clothes...did I mention lots of clothes? I know we will be hanging out with LaKeisha again,but it was almost like we had known eachother for years...haha so jump in and come thrifting with Thrifters Anonymous!

THANKYOU Leslie for making this possible! and introducing us to LaKeisha...

 P.E. Found this piece and gave it to Leslie...LOVE!!! so boho chic

 I found this dress for LaKeisha and fell in love with I need one.
P.E. was obsessed with Chambray after my obsession last week...and this dress was adorable!
After looking at Harpers Bazaar we were all obsessed with Gold and this skirt fit Leslie like a glove! 
I found one too!!!
I found P.E. this skirt and it fit her perfectly...loved the side detail!
and we all made fun of this dress until we ALL fell in love with it...YES
I love this picture of LaKeisha! she was like...ummm I'm wearing HEELS and a dress!!! She had mentioned she hadn't ever really worn heels...and not only did she find some but she found some that fit her perfectly!
and then there was this skirt haha
If you watched our video then you know about this jumper...and how HAPPY Leslie are welcome...I found this for P.E. but that is why it is so much fun to shop with find things for eachother!! LOVE!
This vest from St. John was gorgeous...and I love vests haha 
 Can you tell LaKeisha loved this jacket? It was so cute!!! she was ready!
 yes girl...yes!
 One of our favorite dresses we found for her as well!!! She said she would have never had even looked twice at this dress and well look at it on her!!
 umm this skirt....was everything and $2

Watch the video for these haha "POPPINS" haha
Lanvin....I didn't get it...but loved that it was this designer! You never know what you are going to find!
 yep another skirt...$2
 This blouse was a perfect fit and she could rock it with almost anything!
 Here are Lakesha's finds! I can't wait to see her rocking everything! She left with a smile on her face and hopefully some great finds to wear NOW! Celebrating her journey NOW...and LaKeisha if you are reading...give us a call the next time you are here and you know we will meet you at the thrift store...or maybe Marshalls this time?

I was so excited to say I got LaKeisha her first pair of heels and that black and white dress!!!!
Leslie got her all of the other pieces you see here thanks to Lead Like a Girl and my girl Edwina this trip was awesome!!! Together I think we had a successful trip! Don't forget to share them LaKeisha and Leslie!! We will share ours too!!!
To many more trips to come!
Did you guys go thrifting? Have you seen the #GIVEIT100 video? You should try it..i just might I mean I vlog almost everyday...hmmm 
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  1. Wish we have a Savers here in Sacramento!

    I love the jumpsuit your friend bought. You ladies ended up with some major shopping hauls.

  2. I am SO glad Edwina got the Mary Poppins shoes - they were SO FAB!!!

  3. I am SO glad Edwina got the Mary Poppins shoes - they were SO FAB!!!

  4. I see some GREAT items! Those skirts and that colorful mini vintage dress, amazing! Glad Edwina purchased those shoes. So unique!


  5. What. A. BLAST!!! I never have anything less than a stellar time thrifting with you girls & it was even more fun during our big #LaKeishaWeek!! Thank you for bringing your expertise, wit, & hysterically awesome humor to her time in Vegas...'twas a highlight! And most definitely, your thrifting skills are how you Lead Like A Girl! Whoot whoot! Love ya!!

  6. You guys had a fantastic day of thrifting and I just love your blog recaps of these events. Keep it up and those skirts - yes, they are my favorite item to thrift!


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