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1stPhorm Bliss: Is it for you? Review & Video


I entered the 1stPhorm Athlete Search!!! So excited and inspired by this company and team. When you find something you love you stick with it..and I have so many ideas they are literally bursting from my body...From videos to campaigns...and YOU GUYS can help me!

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I don't often talk about supplements...and fat burners are even more of a complex subject matter. Honestly I think your training and eating habits have more to do with how effective a fat burner is even going to be...SO in all hopes of giving an honest review I decided to go ahead and try it out with some friends. Fat burners can really help in many ways but can also be disappointing and quite expensive. I mean think about it...half of America are over if just fat burners alone made you skinny don't you think we would all look like Victoria Secret Models? haha if it was that easy to get lean don't you think we would have done that already? So the question remains, is a fat burner for you and will it make you feel Bliss? Keep on reading for my review and watch my review on Youtube where we literally take you through our experience and workout while on the +1stPhorm Bliss.
What is Bliss?
1stPhorm is pretty straight forward when it comes to the ingredients. As a matter of fact you can find it all HERE if you really want to know.but remember always be advised to consult a physician!!! my two cents if you will.
How I tried it:
About 30 minutes before my 3rd meal of the day I took one of the of the +1stPhorm Bliss pills. They are small and east to take. I gulped it down with some water and then preceded to text Edwina and Faith to see if they had taken theirs yet...and that is when the clock started to tick! haha Tick...Tick... "Do you feel anything yet? Have you lost weight? " haha 
How I was feeling... My Appetite:
About an two hours later I noticed my lips were a little tingly but that was about the only "feeling" I really felt...but the most important one was that I wasn't STARVING...usually about 20 minutes before my next meal (mind you I am on a competition prep diet, so I am eating 110% CLEAN) I am starving and shaking and ready to eat... but I wasn't and that made me happy.
30 minutes later it was time for my 4th meal, I eat about every 3 hours so it was time...and I still really wasn't starving. I normally drink one cup of coffee every day with my 4th meal...I know..I am starting remind me of my grandpa haha hey as you get older you like what you like...anyway...side tracked...I used my new Keurig and made myself a nice dark roast cup of coffee to go with my PROTEIN pancake! Ughh if you haven't tried you must..I used the new Phormula-1 1stPhorm CTC protein...YUM! Recipe is HERE. ok side tracked this point I was feeling good. Alert and not jittery at all.I would say the energy I felt was perfect...balanced if you will..I wasn't bouncing off the walls ready to karate chop someone but I wasn't drooling on the couch either haha. 
Bottom line is MAKE SURE you are eating every 2 to 3 hours, that is if you are eating within your macros and clean... cuz you will forget to eat... so the appetite suppressant is on point. BUT I repeat BUT that is not an excuse to NOT EAT.. ladies...remember this is about building muscle and getting toned and can't do that if you don't will just be skinny with saggy skin! Normally when you are hungry you get tired which reminds you to eat but this will not REMIND anyone to eat...haha SO...make sure you have your timer on or something...haha or just text your friends like we did. 
How I was feeling... My Energy & Mood:
Honestly I have taken green tea pills, and I have also tried some fat burners I wish I hadn't and the most important part is honestly the ENERGY! Being on a restrictive meal plan and cutting calories every week to lean need..say it with me..ENERGY...and let me tell you...each week you start to feel worn out and just plain old beat up! perfected that shit haha and I don't say shit EVER. Now I only took 1...but READ THE DIRECTIONS..and get your TOLERANCE in check ladies first.. don't over do it!
What I love is that Bliss claims to be much more then a fat burner a matter of fact it is actually marketed to WOMEN....which we all loved. and well you know women have all kinds of moods... Since all the competition prep, meal prep, training, and LIFE put so much stress on us this was something I couldn't wait to try. When you don't feed your body sugar and salt....the GOOD sugar and SALT you know...doughnuts and cheez its, you get irritable, sad, and well for some of us ANGRY! haha The ingredients in Bliss did something to us and while we just used it that once we can say we were definitely in better spirits.More to come on this feeling as I continue to take it. I need to get a full bottle to really test this out.  This was one of our favorite factors in this product!
Long Term Fat Loss:
I can't really speak to any fat loss since I only tried it once but I am trying it now and have been for a couple of days so I will let you know. but honestly again...I don't think by taking Bliss you will naturally lose fat if you are driving through Del Taco for a spicy chicken burrito every night..haha I mean hypothetically speaking of coarse...but maybe I will do a more thorough review in a few months? Would you guys want that? 
How much does this cost...where can I buy it:
and what most are probably much does this magical pill cost? guys know I am a thrifter...and as a thrifter I find myself really struggling with supplements....they are EXPENSIVE....BUT...again with the BUT...if you are as picky as I am about ingredients of "FAT BURNERS" i.e. I only drink coffee and tea...then making this product CHEAP does me no good... SO...I save on my outfit by thrifting it for $5...but I will SPLURGE on my Fat burner cuz...well it's going in my body and I need it to do good not harm. I wish it was sold in VEGAS? yes.... but honestly like my $65 shampoo and conditioner...when something works and you love it...then you will make your priorities clear. haha runs about $54.99 on THIS site.... it;s a discount site which is a little cheaper then going direct...don't say I didn't give you anything :O)
1stPhorm Customer Service:
1stPhorm offers a money back guarantee on the purchase no questions asked. So...that means you can try it...hate it send it back...but honestly you will try it...LOVE IT..and figure out how to get your hands on another bottle. If you read some reviews you will see that they even took the bottle back after being opened and used. THAT is important when trying things out...just like make up and well clothes...kinda haha
I have now tried several products from 1stPhorm and feel like I have gotten to know the whole team and family through social media...THAT is why I love social media by the way... I would have never known who they are and they have made impact on my life in such a short time...the inspiration and support is incredible..if you haven't been following them you should. I will explain more below. Back to Bliss. I highly recommend trying it. You are going to have to pay a little more money than usual, but when you find something that works for is WORTH every penny. Money back guarantee, you can test it out...and return it if you don't like it. I would also recommend the protein...especially if you are looking to drink it with mixes really well and makes great waffles  ;O) Let me know if you try it and don't forget to tag me on Instagram @colorblindblog @1stphorm #bliss #legionofboom
Review on my Health, Fitness, & Beauty YouTube Channel:

Love you guys!


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