Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Walk with Cozy Orange #zapposstyle

Outfit Details
Cozy Orange Isis Tank in Charcoal/Raven Black: c/o Zappos
Cozy Orange Aquarius Crops in Raven Black: c/o Zappos
Converse: Marshalls

Let's talk CARDIO shall we. man... cardio is one of those things that EVERYONE has an opinion on..EVERYONE. and I am here to tell you NO ONE is right.. NOT even me.. wanna know why? Because EVERY SINGLE PERSON is different. We all have different body shapes, different metabolism, different eating habits, genetics..I could keep going but I think you catch my drift. I went from from dancing 2 to 3 hours a day growing up... no one ever told me to not dance because I would lose muscle...as a matter of fact.. I had TOO much muscle as a ballerina...my quads always took over got that from my mama and I absolutely loved it. Today.. I lift 5 days a week and basically do cardio every day. two years ago cardio was a BAD thing...today cardio is a good thing. So who is to tell me it is right. 
If there is anything I have learned through this fit journey is that YOU are the only one that can really know what is right for your body. Guidance from a coach is crucial to meeting certain goals...but they are a coach...you need to communicate with them and if they are a good coach they will listen. These past few years I have had a hard time with this and then it just clicked. 

I received these items from Zappos and Cozy Orange and I wanted to try them out once again gearing up fo the Glow & Flow Event this Thursday in Vegas!! So excited!!...so I woke up and went for a walk. No time limit, no calorie goal, no distance needed to be reached..It was weird at first...haha like why I am doing this..oh to just go for a walk...crazy I know.. I just went for a walk. I stopped and did some tri cep push ups along the way some random planks with any kind of form I wanted. I wore my chucks because I thought they looked cute and that was that. I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it made. A WALK simply for a WALK. I managed to walk for 35 minutes and it felt amazing. I felt refreshed, I felt renewed and I am almost positive that that is the most important part of working out. So that is my advice for you if you are starting out and wonder what to do about cardio. I know there are more factors. BUT if you are starting out do what feels right and feels good. THEN you can start to identify which machines or what kind of cardio is best to meet your goals. We will go into that another time. 

NOW let's talk about these basics that I am officially hooked on. From the cropped pants that literally feel like my second skin to this totally cute tank that I wore once again ALL day while running errands. I felt cute and still felt sexy and not so frumpy in my workout clothes! Cozy Orange was developed for Yoga initially but I have to say I wore this on leg day and I was super comfortable! So don't get worried if you don't practice yoga everyday they are incredibly made clothes that will last you a long time. Much like I mentioned in my last post about the other items I always look at the philosophy of a company and the first thing I saw was 
THE FOUNDATION of YOUR WORKOUT. and that is exactly what I thought about these pieces! They also send me THIS sports bra which I am loving and will show in another post. These are ll go to pieces that I feel you should have in your Workout Wardrobe!

Lastly one of their missions is to extend beyond the apparel side but into their global communities where they are committed to making an impact in the war against poverty by donating  a portion of the proceeds to developing economies in third world countries. Now that is a MISSION I want to stand behind. 

Thank you ZAPPOS and Cozy Orange for supplying me with the foundation to my workouts and for helping me be a part of this incredible mission.

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