Monday, September 15, 2014

Glow & Flow SOYBU #zapposstyle

Outfit Details
Soybu Flex Tank in Orchard: c/o Zappos
Soybu Allegro Leggings in Fresco: c/o Zappos
Soybu Braided Headband: c/o Zappos
Nike Shoes: Marshalls

Sometimes you have to put on some color to bring the color back into your life. These past few days have been rough, but the one thing that is constant is that life goes on and each day I wake up feeling a sense of renewal. You guys know that I have never been a Yoga gal...I danced classical ballet for over 18 years so you would think yoga would come naturally but I think it intimidates me a bit. I leaned more towards lifting weights and kick boxing but lately I have really been trying to find that necessary balance and flow. You know that feeling in life when things just all make sense and there is that peace inside. I am so honored to be working closely with Zappos for the Glow & Flow Event happening in Vegas. Partnering with companies such as SOYBU. 

Just like my supplements, I am picky about companies I choose to work with and or represent..not only in my bloggy life but in real life.  We INVEST in our clothes and pieces we choose to wear every day. Fitness apparel is not only supposed to guide you through your workout but it should make you feel inspired. ALWAYS. Seriously... get rid of the clothes you are not inspired by is rule #1. Soybu's vision of empowering women like myself to feel stylish and feminine but still be able to wear eco friendly designs and hold on to them for a long time is important and was so inspiring to me! When I read the companies philospohy, which I often do when I am looking for workout clothes, I was immediately drawn to them. They believe a FULL life is about balance, and boy is that right. I work full time, I workout full time, and I like to have FUN full time.let's just say it isn't easy. Designs that bring all of this together is ALL I want to wear. 

The pants are so soft and I could probably wear them all day.. as a matter of fact.I DID. Grocery shopping, to the gym, and back home for Meal Prep Sunday...I rocked this outfit till my hubby told me to take it off...enough is enough. haha oh and I am kinda digging the headband. Umm I might need more of these.

Can't wait to show you more of my Glow & Flow Style and if you are attending the Zappos event let me know! Would love to meet you say hello and find that #StrengthBalanceBeauty together!

For more inspiration check out the ZAPPOS Pinterest Page for outfit ideas and inspiration for the event!!!

If you want to see what I got you can check out my latest VLOG on my Youtube channel!


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