Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A 90's Jumper #WhatIWore

Hey there, So I am actually posting from my cell phone. I know..haha I thought hey I miss blogging but I just dont have the time. So I thought let me try this out. Sooo if anyone is out there... anyone? Let me know what you would like to see from me if anything? Vlogging coming soon!

This outfit reminds me of my mom and well I love it. Here is what I wrote on Insta!

This 90's thrifted jumper had me feeling all kinds of nostalgia from our recent Comenthriftingnwith us in LA coming to our @taapproved YouTube channel soon.
See I am almost positive my mom had this EXACT jumper in her closet. Tears of joy when I tried this on and knew I had to have it.
Your clothes should ALWAYS make you FEEL something and should always Express who you are.
Today I was
And ready to CHANGE THE WORLD one thrift trip at a time. #TAapproved #thriftedstyle #ThriftersAnonymous #MakeYourOwnDressCode #TheyAintReady #Ithaspants #jumper #mymomsstyle #iam1stphorm #neversettle #storagewars #shanaemily #vegas #ootd #whatiwore



  1. Hi Shana. I love watching you and Edwina on your vlogs. I've been following you guys since the beginning. So happy for your success.
    I used to love when you guys had a theme and put together your outfits based on the theme. Please do that again.

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  6. Such a cute looking jumper, Actually I was looking for some fashion related article to get some ideas and inspiration for my Academic Help


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