Friday, October 07, 2022

WEEK 9: Painting 2 rooms in one + Built Ins & Wainscotting!

Well, needless to say my One Room Challenge / 2 room challenge has gone well past the 8 weeks. Technically we finished the major projects within the time frame but I am STILL waiting on items and with life and so many things happening I have decided to just share the progress thus far!! We left off with a built in not yet built & my couch reveal! So, I figured I will share the built in reveal, the final wallpaper reveal for the dining room living room as well as the chandelier!! I know so many things! So stay tuned and make sure you are following me on Instagram @shanaemily_  as well as my Youtube Channel ShanaEmily!

Ok First things First! We need to paint! I will be honest. My guy wanted to paint this whole room blue. haha I know...I know...seems a but much but if you don't know me by now. Blue is my NEUTRAL! BUT I held back because I could always go and paint it blue but I can't really go back without a lot of work!

Ok are you ready? I wanted the bookshelves to be I went for a GLOSS of 
Benjamin Moore's Newburyport Blue. 

The gloss actually made the color appear lighter...At first glance I wasn't happy...honeslty. I had wished it was glossier and darker. 

We carried the Wainscotting all the way around and I used the same color but in Matte. The white was Benjamin Moore White Dove in Satin. I wanted to do matte but with a 3 year old animals I opted not. 

Ok, now that you are all caught up with the painting and the built in stay tuned for the Wallpaper reveal, chandelier & more!! I better hurry before the next One Room Challenge starts again sheesh! 

Thank you all for your patience. I will be working on a new Youtube video tonight and hoping to get it out over the weekend! 

Shana Emily




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