Friday, September 26, 2008

2 Years together!

Maui 2005
The Proposal
Adam and I just celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. I can't believe it has been 2 years! I will share some pics over the last 2 years, I know Adam's mom and grandma will appreciate it. They have been waiting patiently and I have just not had the time... These are just some pics!

This was a poem I wrote for Our first Valentines Day!

Here’s an attempt at a poem, our very first,
There is so much to say, you might build up a thirst.
Let’s take it back….allllll the way back,
It was September 5th, and shish kabobs were the attack.
There I was, in total disarray,
When Adam flew in, and saved the day.
We laughed and we talked, I knew there was a connection,
And with a toss in the pool, perhaps there was some affection.
I impersonated Sean Connery, and I might add, there was some laughter
Schtarrrrrrbucks, was the intro, and thank you for sharing the veloceraptor.
If that wasn’t enough, we went to my favorite place.
The Crown & Anchor, some beer, and that hot little face.
Again, we talked, and intrigued was I,
That for the next 3 months would fly right by.
Alaska, the Kilbourn’ happened so fast,
I knew after meeting your family that this was going to last.
Your mother is incredible, I see her in you,
Your father is certainly amazing, and funny too.
Your brother, quite the intellect, and a goof ball at best,
There are so many, I can’t wait to meet the rest.
When reality hit, and I went back home,
Sasha was waiting, yet I was not alone.
You were in my heart, and I knew this feeling was rare,
And I am still laughing at the time you told me you HUNT BEAR.
Hawaii was my gift, another adventure I couldn’t wait,
Not only did I go with my best friend, but every night I had a date.
Maui, in February, words can not explain,
From Mt. Haleakala, The Sunset, or Hanna’s Rough Terrain
I am still in shock, that I have you, in my life,
For I want, nothing more, than to be Adam Kilbourn’s wife.
You have truly made me, the happiest woman on earth,
And I don’ think you understand what that is really worth.
I know I am 25, but I feel like life has just begun,
Who knew, that I could find that very special one.
The one who knows when I’m feeling down,
Or leaves that space for me to play around.
I can’t wait to share my life, and learn your ins and outs,
Since September 5 2004 I’ve never had any doubts.
I am yours, and you are mine,
Would you Adam Kilbourn,
Be My Valentine?
Shana “Head Over Heels” Dahan



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