Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bon Voyage

 Shoes:FashionQ,Pants:F21(Thrifted),Shirt:Thrifted,Jacket:Ny&Co(Thrifted),Purse:Thrifted,Ring:Bebe,Faux Fur:Mom's

Well hello there... It has been a while. We brought in the new year with family and friends, took some pics with my sister, and kissed my hubby at midnight. I am thankful for this year and look forward to the next.

I also think I may have realized what inspires me? It has taken me 30 31 Years to figure it out! It's like one day I woke up and discovered COLOR! More in the literal sense, but on in all realms. I also discovered that I was broke and really needed to start wearing the clothes in my closet. It also helped that I could actually FIT into the clothes in my closet. I love fashion. That's right, I said it...for most people that know me, this would not be something they would describe me as...I was never that fashionable, and I was always scared to wear colors...I mean...if it doesn't match then how can I wear it? " I don't know what to wear with those? When I am "blank" size I can wear those...." Yeah..that is what I used to say...I have revamped my closet...FINALLY finished my craft room and am now ready to modestly show off my project and DIY'er's, and new things I learn from all of you! I want to feature friends who I hope I have inspired and share the friends that have inspired me. I love this Blog world. Ever since my first fashion photo here, I just couldn't get enough. I was so excited to find something cute in my closet and put it on to take pictures. Though my hubby was not wanting to do this I had to make do with my camera phone and bathroom, either way, I got comments from women I didn't even know! Women are nicer..I feel way more fashionable, and everyone shares their secrets on these blogs? Can you imagine a world like this? In person? people complimenting your outfit, or telling you something they learned that may make your life easier? Maybe...someday..but for now, I will just try and take better pics and post them in a timely fashion.

What will INSPIRE you in 2011?

Do tell and let's share our secrets with everyone!

Love you all and I am excited to get this started!



  1. Great blog entry! Even I feel inspired! ;)

  2. Yup. Color color color. Mostly because it reminds me of Spring which is {hopefully} right around the corner. Or else.


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