Friday, February 18, 2011

Belted Blazer

day 12


Day 12





Shoes: Joey Thrifted $10, Tights: Marshalls: $1, Dress: H&M $7, Blazer: H&M, Shirt: Vintage Thrifted, Belt: Express Thrifted $1, Bow Tie Earrings Thrifted $.99, Ring: Diamond Bow Banana Republic

Well it is Friday, and I am pretty happy about it..I have been so tired this week. I am still a couple of days behind for this 30x30 but I will be going longer since I started late. Oh and sorry for the random pictures and dirt on my bumm...we thought we would try something different! aha One thing I am noticing is I am starting to run out of combinations and I am only on day 12, but it seems as though the more I run out of ideas the better combos I come up with! That is the best part about being forced to do something, you end up surprising yourself and doing better than you ever thought you could!

One thing that I have learned and I have mentioned this before, things are not always meant to be worn the way they came. For instance this dress did not come with a shirt underneath, but I went to the American Heart Association Luncheon and wanted to wear a pop of red so I put the shirt UNDER the dress! Voila! Sleeves! THEN, I wore this blazer which I love and have noticed other blogger's love as much as I do...but it kinda made me look big in the I grabbed a belt and BELTED my BLAZER! Who would have thought right? I mean...who puts a belt over their blazer? haha ok, I know what you are thinking " Shana, you are not the first person to belt their blazer" well here is my answer "right, but for me this is brand new information and with all of my friends being prego I wanted to be sure that it was clear...I AM NOT PREGNANT, and I know it is not a bad thing, but there are some mean people out there who just want to be they are mean..and unhappy and call women prego even if they are clearly not...ok sorry..I got a little upset. Anyway, belt your blazer and let me know what you think?

P.S. I am not one to push a causes, but The American Heart Association holds dear to me as my mother passed away from heart conditions, though it was not diet or cholesterol that killed her, Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in women, so take a moment and look below at my post about some of the risks, and symptoms...and then go on with your day and make sure you appreciate every moment...i.e belting your blazer :O) Happy Weekend.


  1. the belted blazer looks pretty awesome!

    You look tiny in this outfit! that is basically my favorite thing about outfits hahah

    I think the dirt on the bum is a nice touch! haha

  2. I LOVE the pop of color in this outfit--it really brings it all together!

    I'm not sure if the shoes I posted about in "Shoe Love" were just released or not but I do know that they are amazing!! I bought them at Macy's and in store they also come in black. You should go check them out--they look super high but the platform makes them totally wearable!

    Lauren (LuxLucy)

  3. I'm so sorry about your mom.
    But she must be shining down on you somewhere, grinning at you in all of your non-pregnant-belted blazer-feathery flash-of-red-beautiful glory. I love how excited you get about your fashion lightbulb moments. yay!


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