Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Plaid + Stripes + Pencil Skirt= Day 18

Day 18








Shoes: Guess Marshalls $24.99 (2009), Skirt: Kenar Marshalls (2008), Belt: Thrifted $2 (2010), Shirt: Old Navy (2010), Earrings: Made by Dawnya of Everything Nonsense THANK YOU DAWNYA!, Blazer: H&M $7 (2010), Hair: MY Hair, just washed hahaha, It felt like an accessory this morning since it had been so long since I have use the blow dryer! haha

So in case you were wondering how this ridiculous combo happened, take a look at My Picks for this 30x30! Since it was my first time I have definitely learned a few things about myself and what I used to think didn't work. I mean this is the last combo I would have taken out of my closet...but I have said it before..when you are forced to do something, you MAKE IT WORK! I think that goes for life too. Sometimes we just need to be forced to do something in order to make it happen. I am a procrastinator and when I have a deadline I am at my most creative and that is when magic happens I tell ya! Ok on to


Thrifters Anonymous

So we have 6 links on the Thrifters Anonymous Page and there are some great deals out there. While I am not quite at my goal of 100..ok not even close..I must say, I get super excited to see what people will post..so I can save some money,learn some creative ideas, or just find a way to make things better!! You must check back to see what great deals or ideas these amazing blogger's are sharing!

This weeks favorite is over at My Life in a Blog . She is sharing some great bargain links for Makeup, Coupons, and More! Check her link out ,let her know what you think and let her know you are coming from ColorBlind!! If you use it to buy anything please share with us and link up to Thrifters Anonymous!

Have a beautiful day! Can you believe it is already March 2011? Crazy how fast time goes by!


  1. love the plaid shirt - and such a classy outfit!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. I love this outfit!
    I need to try and branch out a little in what I combine. As for right now I am pretty excited about some t-shirts I just bought that say funny things.

  3. that plaid shirt is one of my favorites! v cute. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  4. great color combo! i've never thought to wear a plaid shirt with a pencil skirt, creative =)


  5. thanks for your comment + following me (: las vegas, nice! i was there a few years ago ! :D x

  6. hi!!! Really beautifull outfit :-) so chic!!!

  7. I love the ensemble and so happy you love the earrings!!!!!


  8. You totally made it work.
    I'm so loving the plaid shirt with the skirt, I wish I still owned a plaid shirt (other than my pajama top.) Must add that to my list of things to hunt for.


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