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Outfit Details
Tank: c/o Marshalls
Skinny Jeans: Paige Denim c/o Marshalls
Heels: Target
Ring: H&M
Bracelet: BCBG Marshalls

I busted out the white jeans!!! It's ok to do that now right? haha just kidding you know I don't care about the rules...I just love how I feel in these designer white skinny jeans...My hubby said I look sexy and that always makes me happy...since well...some of my clothes do not really evoke the same emotion from him haha I feel confident and that is all that matters! Anyways...I picked these up from Marshalls about 2 months ago and wore them once...I had never owned a pair of Paige Denim and I love! I hate when I forget about clothes....I think that means its time to clean out the closet! 

What I am really excited about is my recent partnership with SNAP-2-LIVE!When they reached out to me and asked if I wanted to join the movement I immediately said yes. I have known too many close friends and family in car accidents myself included when I was in college...and my life along with my best friends lives were saved due to a seat belt. At a certain age a seat belt seems like second nature...but when we were just didn't have the same feeling...It is unbelievable to think that there are still people out there that don't wear their seat belt?  Thanks to Ernesto Arguello, founder of Snap2live, Snap2Live belts were designed to raise awareness by creating  Snap2Live belts, which feature the UN decade of action logo. They are unisex, one size fits all and come in a variety of colors. The Snap2Live inspired fashion accessory engages brand enthusiast to become vocal supporters of the road safety campaign, helping save millions of lives and raise funds for the same mission. Snap2Live pledges 70% of the profits to the Road Safety Fund, which includes donations for the UN’s work in road safety and to create safe, affordable communities in developing countries. Utilizing his background as both an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ernesto is fashionably bringing attention to the fact that over a million people are dying every year on the world’s road and that together, and we can do something about it.

I am proud to say I am part of this campaign and will do everything I can to support! So...not only do I think this belt is super cute...and totally meets my Uniqueness factor...but it is doing good while holding up my favorite Marshalls find. There are so many colors to choose from and I can't wait to see all my Thrifters Anonymous Lovers and Members wearing one... If you get one please share with me! and now your chance to get your hands on a belt and start helping to save lives! 
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Things are looking brighter...

Outfit Details
Dress: c/o AMIclubwear
Shoes: c/o AMIclubwear
Vintage Purse: My Mom;s
Gold Ring: Hottie
Earrings: Hand Made by Marti Agassi Design
Meow Bracelet: BCBG Marshalls
Spike Bracelet: BCBG Marshalls
String Bracelet: Puravida Bracelets

Well. The sun is the literal and spiritual way. I really feel like I am starting to really tune into what I would like to accomplish the next several months. I love it when that happens...when certain fears are finally knocked down and run over! Making changes is hard ...even harder for me since I am a total baby when it comes to changing. I am often so concerned about the feelings of others that I sacrifice myself in the process. I am sure you guys have experiences this feeling. Well, after a long talk with my hubby I came to the conclusion and mustered up the courage to make a change for me and not worry about others as they will be ok. Soon enough I will share some of these changes but for now I am feeling good and things are looking bright. 

Last weekend the hubby and I went on a date and I couldn't wait to wear this dress and these shoes...I recently received these from AMICLUBWEAR...I have never ordered anything from them before and was totally impressed with the quality and the price of the shoes and clothing on the site. There are some sexy items on this site so be careful haha but look at the swimsuits? Like $40 and today they are doing a FLASH sale of 40% off? Ridiculous...So I am so grateful to have been sent some items cuz now I can't stop lurking on their website..I have my eye on THIS swimsuit, and possibly THIS one also.... I am also loving their shoes! The ones I am wearing are a half size bigger than my normal size I would say they run a little small, but they are surprisingly very comfortable...and I am all about comfort lately...but I still want to look sexy if you know what I mean. This dress is so comfortable...I have some styling ideas for it but I just wanted to wear everything I got right away...kinda like I was 8 years old haha I guess presents still have that affect on me...either way check them out and let me know your thoughts...I got my package about 5 days after they contact me so it was quick!!! and take advantage of their FLASH SALE!!! 

Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! What We Wore & a Quick Marshalls Haul!

Thrifters Anonymous Members of the  Week is
Bless Her Heart Y'all

Sweater: gifted from Mother, Skirt:$3.00 thrifted w/o tags, Pearl Cluster Earrings: gifted, Belt: $4.99 Charming Charlies, Loafers: $20.95 (NWT!!!!!) SperrySterling Silver Ring: $0.99 thrifted, Clutch: gifted.

In love with that sweater!!! It is not that cold in Vegas for too long so I never have enough time to wear all of my vintage sweaters...but I love them. And the hand made clutch is adorable! Love this whole outfit!! Welcome to Thrifters Anonymous!!! I can't wait to see more of your thrifty finds...and we hope you stay a while! If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous you can check it our HERE! Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel where you can go thrifting withe me...I will be updating videos soon!Don't forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM!!! I always try to post some finds out and about when I can...@colorblindblog

After our Swimsuit shopping last week..we shot a quick outfit of the day featuring some our favorite finds and some new finds! You can watch it below...we are a whole lot of silly and well...we love it. I also show the items I bought at Marsahlls!

Edwina "P.E"
Dress: BCBG Thrifted Savers, Necklace: Ross, Bracelet: Gifted, Heels: Target Gifted Shana

Blazer: c/o PersunMall, Tank: Old Navy, Skirt: c/o ThredUP, Heels: Stuart Weitzman Thrifted Savers, Vintage Coach bag Thrifted

Come back next week for a bog givaway to all of you! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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