Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sister Night Revisited


Ok so some time back I mentioned Sister Night and I promised I would explain. So here it goes..I am about to expose the secrets of sister night..ok maybe not all of the secrets, but for all the husbands and boyfriends and DAD ssss haha mainly mine who are somewhat jealous of sister night I will have you know that you SHOULD be jealous...because it is amazing...and everyone..I mean everyone should have themselves a sister night. so here it goes...

Long story short it started with my friend Edwina and I working out on Thursdays and finding ourselves coming back to my place and having a glass of wine and watching The Real Housewives of OC. (by the way I love all of the housewives...LOVE..haha) So word got out to my REAL sister that we were doing this and she was pissed rather I said "sure sister come on over we will workout and then we can drink wine and chat about boys and life and fashion. So the next sister night came and let's just say my sister..bless her skinny size zero heart says "Guys I am not sure about this working out thing...can't we just drink wine and talk about boys?" So Edwina and I tried to incorporate some workouts she could do and then finally decided that since SISTER doesn't wanna workout we won' we didn't...we made chicken curry, tried different wines, ate lots of hummus, read US magazine...watched housewives of Atlanta, OC, New York, New Jersey...went to mixers and a year later here we are.

The beauty of this sister night is not so much what we are doing but the fact that we have said to ourselves and to each other that this night is meant for holding back...a place to be free and ask questions and teach each other things...and share secrets about love, life and no matter what was happening Thursday was our exceptions...ok maybe a few but we give that person a hard time! haha Anyway, it had been a year and we decided to open sister night up to our other friends..though a trial run is necessary  to see if they fit in..(and when I say fit in you have to be able to get gross, talk gross and make fun of housewives ahaha..and most of all be genuine and honest) so more friends have joined and this my friends is what SISTER night is. When you are having a crazy week and you just need to vent, no need for advice or maybe two cents...a place to just feel like you are cared for and no matter what you are going through you have your "sister" to help you get through it. I will begin to share some of our secrets with you guys...nothing personal...but let you in on some of the maybe you can gather your friends..your sisters...and make a special night in the week all about YOU!

Tonight we will be reviewing our bucket list/resolutions to make sure we are on the right track..I mean it has been a month people...hopefully we have done something or at least tried to get to one of our bucket list dreams....we will also be learning a few tricks with scarves! haha I will share some pics with you tomorrow...

Stay tuned for my DAY 2 30x30 challenge outfit I was excited about this one...and here is why...THE SUN CAME OUT...WOOOOHOOOOO Day 1 was ok...




  1. Thursdays have really become the new Friday. There ae very few things that I look forward to doing during the week and sister night is second to at the top of the list (my boo is first, mmmm). I want to send a special shotout to Michelle (for not liking our workout MADNESSES) because without her, sister night literally would not exsist!

  2. what a great idea! sounds like you guys had a lot of fun :) xoxo jcd

  3. Love the idea! You ladies are too's always great to get away from the men and bs with the girls! In my past life (bc - before children) I could totally picture hanging out with you! (ok...I'll stop being a stalker now!)


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