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Puffy Sleeves & Sailor Pants: Photographer Is Back In Business

Day 23


Day 23

Day 23

Day 23
Shoes: Joey Thrifted $10 (2010), Pants: BCBG Marshalls (2006), Shirt: H&M $7 (2011), Blazer: H&M $7 (2011), Belt: Vintage Thrifted $1.50, Purse: Jones NY (My Mom's), Necklace: Gifted (Thank you Ruby!), Lipstick: Inglot#130 
Eyeliner: L'Oreal Telescopic Precise Liquid Eyeliner Carbon Black, Sunglasses: Betsy Johnson Marshalls $12.99 (2010)

I thank you for your patience while I waited for photographer extraordinaire to return...I am back folks and there are only 7 more days! So I am sure you are noticing that I have never worn this cute little puffy sleeve blazer... Mainly because I hadn't ironed it..and well by the look of it you would think I still didn't iron it. But I will have you know that I tried ironing it for over 20 I said whatever! I am wearing it wrinkly! So here it is! I fell in love with this romantic puffy goodness over 8 months ago at H&M. Unfortunately it was $49.99 and for most of you, you know that is way out of my price range..haha so after my birthday I went to exchange these amazing shoes, that one of my best friends got me that I can't wait to wear by the way, and fell into this sale..I mean..SALE SALE...and it was $ my size...I actually said "Oh my goodness there you are!" out loud...Did I mention I am loving this lipstick by Inglot...I mean the color is so not me..and I love it! it smells so good too..ughh can't wait to go back and try the rest of their stuff!

I also found another bag of my mothers purses when I was cleaning my closet this weekend. I tell ya, she had the most amazing style and everything I mean EVERYTHING is in impeccable condition...she really took care of her stuff...something I really should do..she cherished everything she had as if it were worth millions..I think that is how we should treat all of our stuff..we would appreciate it more I think. I will try and wear a different purse of hers as much as I can so you guys can see all of the different styles. She has some amazing vintage pieces I can not wait to wear!..oh...and I can not wait to show you my present I got...I almost started will see what I mean...anyway, I somehow feel if I wear them and post them..she just might see them...or at least the few family members and friends who are reading this...haha

I also found another eyeliner that I had gotten a month ago by Loreal, so I tried it again..not a huge fan of the applicator..I do love how dark it is..but it really didn't give me a point at the wing but more of a thick line...I will say didn't smudge, budge, or wipe away all I will give it that...

Going to Boot camp tonight, love every second of the beating...I can officially do 45 men push ups..I am so much closer to my vision!
Stay tuned for some workout tips and new exercises as we make our way to "Running in our Bikini"

Happy Wednesday!


  1. i love the top - so cute and classy at the same time!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. That blazer is amazing!!! I could wear that will so much, it's such a classy piece!

  3. Okay, you are fabulous. You look completely polished and classic!

  4. Well fly girl,
    Day 23 was just as fun like the previous 22. I've always felt that you appreiciate my amatuer photography skills, but I'm super flattered that you feature me in your blog. I feel like an unknown celebrity in the blog world. I'm already feeling a vision for this afternoon shoot......

  5. i luv the puffy blazer, and i love that you found it again on sale and i really love how you paired it with a delicate blouse underneath. such a cute outfit! can't wait to see all your mom's purses!


  6. what a great blazer!
    Ash @

  7. I dont know if you get this a lot but you totally look like Kim Kardashian! (hope you take that as a compliment :D) gorgeous lady! your outfit is the blazer!

  8. Love everything.. the blazer is adorable!!!


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