Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Thrifters Anonymous: A Bangin Deal

More Bangs



Guess what I got in the mail?

Hairdo by Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson QVC $26.50 plus $3.95 S&H

Ok you can scroll back up now to look at me again..go ahead..I know you are wondering what the heck I am doing...haha did you look...

So, you are reading this correct. I ordered bangs...for my head...hahah Now this is not the best way to wear them seeing as I plopped them on my head after my Day 23 outift shoot and it was super windy, but are you kidding me! It's like..Earrings check! Purse check! Bangs check! They feel so soft and are so easy to put on! I haven't officially worn them longer then 5 minutes so I will definitely report back to you. But I can't believe I finally broke down and bought them. I mean, I had seen them around for about a year now..I then started to see some bloggers get them like Katie @ Running on Happiness, and with everyone asking me if I had extensions I finally decided to just get them! I mean let's be real I am never going to cut bangs...and I don't even think I look that great in them..but what I do know is that they are like a pair of earrings..sometimes they complete your outfit..sometimes they over power your outfit but like earrings I can take them off and go to bed :O)

P.S. I ordered them on QVC Did you know you could order from them online? They were $26.50 plus tax and shipping totalling $30.20 I think..cheaper than Ulta with tax! I mean think about it..a hair cut for me is about $52...a trim...some bangs.. and you are stuck with it for like 6 months...Ulta also didn't have my color..I ordered still isn't jet black but seems to match pretty well. Go online and you can look at all of the colors. My advice if you are looking into getting yourself some bangs haha is to go to Ulta and play with them...look at the colors..(they do not carry ebony) and see what you like...You can wash them, flat iron them and even curl them and trim them...she has so many different lines but the bangs were the ones I was coveting. Enjoy your bangs and please report back to me if you get them!! I want to see all of you in bangs by the summer! haha I think everyone should take a pic of their bangs and email them to me so I can create a collage? deal? Deal! haha you..bye...

Shana "with bangs" @ColorBlind 


  1. I really like the bangs!!!
    It pretty much makes me want some!

  2. haha, i should try this, i have bangs, but they're pretty wispy and fine...sigh. that's fun you can change up your look like that, you look sezzzy with bangs! ;)


  3. It looks so adorable on you and I love your style:) Kisses

    Ps: I’m hosting a charming jewelry GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

  4. My favorite part: "I ordered bangs...for my head" LOL! You are so awesome! I didn't even know these existed! I'll have to check them out in person! Nice find!

  5. Bangs look fabulous on you, makes me want some! I am obsessed with that jacket, it's beautiful!

  6. I love the bangs. I had no idea they were fake, they look so natural. Glad I came across your blog. Such great outfits.

  7. You look great with bangs. I did scroll back up & look, LOL :)
    I love QVC. My TV stays on that channel most days. I LOVE your jacket/top too! Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  8. nice blog! love your style :D

  9. Pretty outfit, love your blouse!

  10. bahhhaha I was looking at this going "hmm when did Shana get bangs" then said "oh silly Carissa she's obviously always had them"

    You make those bangs look good!

  11. LOVE the bangs! Wish I would've known about them last week! Instead I chopped all my hair off! LOL

  12. I just found your blog from Carissa Explains It All and I love it! I had no idea that they made clip in bangs. Love your outfit too!


  13. That is awesome! I love it, and it looks totally natural.
    I saw the first pic, and thought,
    "Wow! She got bangs! I love them, they look great...but I'm so sad because she totally rocks the no bangs look and now she has them forever..."
    So they realistic fake bangs is awesome!

  14. I love the bangs - they totally suits you. Just popped by your blog, and I love it, you have great style - I am your newest follower:) Have a look at mine, maybe you like it too:) Happy friday.
    A xx
    PS: How awesome is the puff-sleeved top!!

  15. These look amazing on you! Personally I almost always have some kind of bangs... not always straight across but at least some shorter pieces of hair to grame my face. But if I didn't, these seem like a really good- and economical alternative. And the colour matches your hair perfectly! Love them.


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