Saturday, March 05, 2011

There's No Place Like Home...

Day 22

Day 22

Day 22

Day 22

Day 22

Day 22

Day 22


You are now entering Photographer Extraordinaire's Vision...I was asked to bring my favorite books and my 3D glasses...haha

Day 22


Day 22

All Done :O( I Like these visions...just sayin...

Shoes: BCBG Generation Marshalls $24.99 (2004), Jeans: F21 Thrifted $4 (2010), Shirt: Vintage Thrifted $3.50 (2010), Bracelet: Walmart $3.75 (2008), Necklace: Vintage Thrifted $1, Envelope Purse: Vintage Thrifted $2 (2009)
Outfit Total: $37.25

Tonight is Date Night!!! I'm pretty excited. This week we discussed how to spice things up with our husbands and/or lovers. When you are busy, like most of us are, it is super important to make sure that you always.. I mean always set up a date night. I know, it seems like this would be something most of us do. But it has to be in "invitiation to your lover." Something to get excirted for, something to dress up for. I am about 99% sure this will ruin your routine...which is exactly what you want to do!
Here are some Do's and Don'ts to a perfect Date Night!

  1. Do Send an Evite ! I's one person..but lover will be very excited when the evite comes.
  2. Do create a theme! Whether it is wine and cheese, or scrabble, name it, you can even stay home!
  3. Do give them a sneak peek! This will get them excited, like "I'll be wearing that red dress you love" "Come in a suit and tie"
  4. Do dress up! Put make up on, something that makes you feel sexy, some heels, even try some red can wear it...I promise...
  5. Do get nervous and get butterflies when you are getting ready!
  6. Do take a few pictures eventhough you may not show anyone!
  7. Do Kiss at the end of the date
  8. Do Not go to the only end up sitting and not talking to eachother for at least an hour and a half.
  9. Do Not cancel plans, unless it is an emergency!
  10. Do Not make this a one time thing.....
Have a wonderful Saturday and for some of you an amazing Date Night!!!


  1. such a cute post!

    first off I love those snazzy red shoes.

    I totally believe in everything you suggested... even though I am single now, I have experienced ruts in past relationships. Exciting date nights would have totally helped!


  2. HEy babe.. thanks for coming by my blog.. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!! wow.. so chic and elegant!! love your blog too.. nice to meet you and I look forward to borrowing great outfit ideas from you :)

    have super saturday.. we finally have a bit of sun here.. yahooo xoxo J

  3. such great ideas for date night!
    love those HAWT red shoes, woohoo!! the pony tail is sexy i think, i'd go on a date with you, ahahhaha!
    im so glad you're following my family blog now, sweet!
    but if you want to see me trying to work outfits like you so eloquently do , then you need to follow my style blog, you inspire me!!

    can't wait to see your handwriting post. :)

  4. Um, whoah, I'm an avid thrifted and I am totally thrilled with these finds!!! Absolutely love this outfit and the touches of that rich red color! :)


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