Friday, March 04, 2011

Hot Dog! It's Almost Summer!!

Day 21

Day 21

Day 21

Day 21
Day 21
Shoes: American Eagle Thrifted $4.50 (2010), Pants: Banana Republic Thrifted $6 (2010), Belt: Thrifted $2 (2010), Shirt: JCrewThrifted $2.50, Sweater: Gifted (2011), Necklace: Vintage Gifted THANK YOU Jolana!!!!
Outfit Total: $15

So this isn't a phrase I normally say...but I felt sort of like a hot dog in this outift..ya know..with mustard? haha I wasn't really sure it worked but now that I see the pics, I kinda like it. I was trying to "SMEYES" In one of the know smiling with your eyes..or does it just look I have to poop...can you tell? haha I have been watching some Top Model. I love Tyra, I really do, and I love that show! Husband didn't think it did anything until he watched it with me and goes "that's where you get some of those moves!" The secret is out... I can not model..I WATCH top model :O) I really love this necklace I am wearing. I want to thank my dear friend Jolana for gifting it to me. We were at her house doing my "Second Look Project" and she pulled it out of a box. I nearly gasped and drooled over it. I don't know why I love it so much but I did. It's got this Indian flare to it, and I couldn't wait to wear it. So here it is! I am also really loving this JCrew polka dot top I got at Savers for $2.50!!! Can you believe this outfit was $15!!!! umm yeah...If I could make every outfit under $20 I would...but the shoes usually ruin everything!

So I have to vent a little...for the 3rd time this year I have been asked if I have extensions in...and when I was first asked I just giggled and said's my hair..then the second time I was like...hmm does my hair look fake? NOW I am starting to think that I am losing my hair! I mean I know I am old but seriously...does it look like I am wearing extensions? haha my friend keeps telling me to take it as a compliment...sometimes I wish I had extensions and then I could just take my hair off instead of wash it! I am loving all of these extensions that are coming out by the way..that is mainly why I bring it up...I was always hesitant to wear them..but I think I kinda like's! piece..check! Do you guys wear extensions? Which ones do you like?
I'm kinda of digging Jessica Simpson's Collection !!

Long & LushBraided ChignonBump Up Pony Mid-Length

Happy Friday and sorry this post is sooo late!!!

Don't forget to link up any secrets you may have to helping all of us save some money and get creative! Remember it doesn''t have to be clothing and it doesn't have to be from a thrift store, it just needs to be on SALE, or possibly a secret to saving a few dollars!



  1. i luv that polka dot shirt! i wish i could tuck shirts in...sigh, someday , SOON hopefully if i stop eating 7 pieces of pizza in one sitting, dang!!
    i bet peeps are asking becuz almost all the long hair in hollywood is extensions and it's kind of the thing right now, so they're just amazed and prolly jealous! ;)
    i did a side braid today too, except my hair is thin and crazy...speaking of extensions, maybe i should invest in some, hahaha!!
    happy friday to you!


  2. love the necklace - so cool!

    Also, thank you for the lovely comment you left on my post!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  3. Thank YOU so much for commenting on my blog because now I have found yours!!! Newest follower for sure!

  4. Heya Shana! I wore a side braid today too!! I'm loving how long yours is!! And I love the dots! I'm on day 29 of the remix and as soon as the ban on shopping is lifted I getting a fab polka dot top! Happy weekend! OXO Nat

  5. Hamburger! Your hilarious! Omg! Please stop letting low self esteem people affect your day. You are not doing anything right until you have 2 or more haters. It's a back handed compliment but keep it moving. People keep focusing on your hair because they cannot grow their own anymore. In addition, they have nothing on you and need one reason to justify their hatery- the hair piece confirmation would give them something concrete to talk about. They would say, "I knew she wasn't natural- she has hair enhancements." Haha! Your just fly, period. You can't help it. Keep strutting while proceeding to whip your hair back and forth. Luv ya!
    From photographer.

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog i absolutely love your style and your gorgeous hair!!

  7. You look really stunning, love the dotted top!

  8. your hair really is gorgeous! i dont wear way too cheap to pay for something like that but sometimes i wish i did bc my hair is kinda thin. ah well. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams


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