Monday, April 11, 2011

Thrifters Anonymous Link Up!

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Thrifters Anonymous

Hey everyone, I am currently sitting at the airport waiting for our plane to board. I am a little late in posting once again but I wanted to get the link up on. I know I am probably breaking the rules again by leaving the awesome thrifters who have linked up but honestly I feel like it is a club...and they are members and well some of their stuff is pretty cool and amazing, and it's not like there are a 100 so I thought I would just leave them. That doesn't mean you can't link up again!!

If you are wondering, I have a Thrifters Anonymous Wanted Link Up to the left and I am trying to decipher which one I like better..anyway, you can find my favorite Thrifter of the week there! Since I don't have a personal thrifting item today I thought I would pick my favorite link of the week, well actually of the month since I am so late....drum roll please.....

Umm, I know...she took a shirt and made it into this fantastic skirt...are you kidding me with this? This my friends, is Ms. Callie Rew of Callies Menagerie and I just love all of her ideas and that name..are you kidding me! If you go to her lovely blog she will show you exactly how to make this amazingness. I am sorry I didn't post it sooner..but I think we should all at least try this don't you? If you do try this, PLEASE send me a pic and I will show everyone...can you imagine the possibilities? Go show her some love folks..and congratulations Callie, not only are you a Thrifter but you took something and transformed it to something super chic!

Ok it is your turn folks, or the few that are actually reading up your finds, creations, or just your cute self and let's get to rules and I promise you will all remain anonymous ;O)



  1. Great blog! I am looking to grow my readership and was wondering if you'd like to follow each other (if you like my blog of course). Let me know! x

  2. SO sorry... My blog somehow got linked up twice! Feel free to delete one of them! :-)

    Do we need to link back each week? or just once?


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