Thursday, May 19, 2011

Husband is a Cowboy: Take One

My Cowboy celebrates another birthday
Country Birthday
Happy Birthday Husband
Cowboy Kiss
Photo booth
Photo Booth
Photo Booth

We are at Stoney's...a Country Western Bar and Dance hall. Husband really wanted to be a cowboy for his birthday. All husband wanted to do was dance..I mean you know me..I am always down to dance...but after getting yelled at by the DJ for not "2 stepping" I quickly realized that this may not be as easy as I thought. I didn't grow up line dancing and while I have rhythm, I didn't know ANYTHING...they are for real when it comes to line dancing...I give a lot of credit to those men who are carrying those women. We had such a good time and I know Husband really enjoyed himself. He even wore his cowboy boots! I had fun also...taking photos EVERYWHERE....haha Arm Wrestling, was a true Western experience...More to come...oh and Husband is NOT a smoker...I think he felt like he needed to be in order to fit it..I promise we are not followers...I didn't say anything since it was his day...but that WILL NOT be happening again...haha



  1. Dude, you two are seriously good looking. :)

  2. wow seems like such a fun time. Love all your gorgeous pictures! I do bollywood dance for like hours but I only tried line dancing in High school and if I had to do it again, I am sure I would embarass myself haha

    xo Nav

  3. Aww happy bday Shana's husband two look like you had a great time!

  4. I just clicked over to your blog and holy crap, you are SOOOO beautiful. And awesome. So I clicked the little follow button.

  5. Your outfit is adorable. I love your hair. I also wanted to tell you that your hubby looks a lot like Christian Bale!! :)

  6. so glad you got to celebrate his birthday with a whole weekend of fun! you need to show how those photo booth pics turned out, hahaha! your man can pretty much rock any hat!! and you look beeeeeeutiful as always...



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