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A Second Look Project...& A Giveaway Winner!

Well, photographer extraordinaire is out of commission so it seems only fitting to introduce to you something that I have been working on for some time now.

First I wanted to send a big congratulations to Emma from Behind the Leopard Glasses for winning the $50 Gift Certificate to Trashy Vintage! Congrats Emma! I can't wait to see how you style your Trashy finds!
Please email me at dhnshana@aol.com for your gift code! 

I have mentioned it before, but I think I am ready to reveal it! IF you have been following my blog you have been following my journey. Here is where it all started... sorry in advance for being so wordy, I just didn't know how else to do it!
Polka Dots and Flowers

Before I introduce you to my first participant in A Second Look Project, I thought I would introduce myself...who was really the first participant in this madness! Stay tuned next week to meet the first member of "A Second Look Project" other than me..

Name:Shana Emily Dahan-Kilbourn
Age: 31
I started A Second Look Project on: November 1, 2010
Mission: For others to perceive me the way I feel, To LOVE everything I own, and love me in it...oh and to run in a bikini :O)
Height/Weight: 5'8 159lbs (Mind you I weighed 135 on my wedding day and thought I was fat!)
Dress size: 8, pants size 30, shoe size 10 (I gotz big feet), shirt size M
(I will update you as to where I am on this journey every week, I will also introduce you to another member ;O)

When did you realize you needed to change?

So in November of 2010 I woke up one morning in a cold sweat. It was another dream about my mom. I have them often as you may have guessed. But this time it was different. I was angry and that was the day I decided that it was time to go through all of the bins of clothes and accessories my mother left behind when she passed. See, she passed away in 2007 and I had still not opened up those bins. I began to look at it like a project... it was a project to go through and basically pull all of the items that I loved or that I thought Sister would love. There was laughter and tears but it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. I laughed when I found items I just loved as a kid and I cried when I caught a slight whiff of her sent.
 When I was done I began to put these items away, only coming to realize that I had NO ROOM ANYWHERE in the house to store it. I'm only 31, how is it I have more clothes than a small Marshalls? So I switched gears and began going through MY closet, giving everything I owned A SECOND LOOK.It's a lot harder than you think. I haven't thrown anything away for years, so I really had to dig. I also had been looking at other bloggers online and I was getting inspired. So I began blogging. Below was my very first outfit post..haha I was so excited..I mean BLUE AND BLACK...are you kidding me I'm so daring..I am SOOOO stylish..and look at my shoes people. I bought these a long time ago and never worn them..there are jewels on them...JEWELS...ughhh I'm so embarrassed...This was a stretch folks...

Describe your style prior to the project?

There were items I had from when I was in Junior High folks...haha seriously...I was slightly embarrassed. I even had an evening with photographer and Sister where I would come out of my closet and they would hold up signs that said "KEEP, CRAP, Give to Sister" haha actually that sign said MAYBE...but Sister was hoping ...only problem was that the majority was CRAP...I mean I had a top that had those bell bottomy sleeves that was sheer and didn't even fit me! My style has always had an eclectic flair, but I really went towards blacks, greys, white, and that pop of blue or maybe pink. I have over 300 tank tops, and 45 jeans. I live in Vegas people...it's hot! I love dresses yet I found myself not wearing them often. I really never accessorized because when I put earrings on I felt like I was going to prom. MY style has never really reflected who I am...unless of coarse you look at my pics when I was 7 haha

Lots of blacks...greys...and pops of color..not that it looked bad...but so uninspiring....

What were the 3 things you always wished you could wear?

Skinny jeans, cuz well I'm not SKINNY

Shorts cuz I hate my legs

Heels with socks...eclectic whimsical, boho chic style {Threadsence} MY new fav

What were some of the rules you set on yourself prior to the project?

After cleaning out my closet it finally hit me, what have I been doing all this time. I had clothes in my closet from 6th grade! Clothes that didn't fit me, too big, too small...clothes that were just not reflective of who I am how I wanted to be perceived. I had also put limits on everything. Excuses..rules...here are just 10 from the 100 I have...

#1 I can only wear that when I weigh ___
#2 I NEED something to go with that, otherwise I can't wear it. i.e. I need to buy something else
#3 I WILL wear this when I have an occasion
#4 Those shoes/shirts/dresses don't really go with anything, not sure why I bought them
#5 I bought that when it was in style and now it's not
#6 I can't SEE what I have? ( This was a biggie since I had so much CRAP covering everything!
#7 I am embarrassed that someone will make fun of me for trying something that isn't the norm
#8 Only skinny girls wear that, I could never pull it off!
#9 My job is professional I could NEVER get away with that
#10 I'm sure there is a reason why I shouldn't wear that

Did you find yourself avoiding situations (going out, hanging out with friends, etc) before?

I didn't avoid situations..but I did avoid things I loved doing. Dancing again, acting and performing, and modeling. The funny thing is, I never wanted to be famous, I just wanted to do what I loved doing...yet I was telling myself that I couldn't do any of those things if I wasn't "what" was expected.Often it was my expectations that were limiting me...no one ever told me I COULDN'T do it...I DID....I found myself telling people what I loved doing, and I wasn't doing any of it! Nor could anyone tell I was doing any of it i.e. fitness, fashion... 

What does thrifting mean to you?
Thrifting is so much more than going to a Goodwill and finding cheap, old things. Thrifting was always a part of my life growing up, though I know I didn't appreciate it as I do now. When I was young it was a punishment, now it is a blessing. What it really has done for me, is it has allowed me to let go of sizes, of trends. I was able to go and try on things I never thought I could wear without feeling judged. I felt comfortable and I could afford it.. Thrifting has enabled me to really hunt for what I love, for what inspires me, without walking into a store and buying what was on the mannequin. To really define who I am through what I wear. I was a tank top and jeans kind of gal...I was the one who didn't burn candles in the hopes that a special occasion was yet to come..I was the one who often made excuses for what I wanted..and at some levels I still do.but now..I am not afraid to take those risks I often pushed myself away from. Because when I take those risks...THAT is when I find my TRUE STYLE...and WHO I want to be...and HOW I want others to perceive me. I call it a PROJECT cuz t is ongoing.
Sooooo in the meantime, I am still transforming...this blog is a true reflection of my transformation. Everyday I feel like I am taking more risks and just living a happier life. It is so much more than fashion but a realization that sometimes...things just need a second look. Maybe a second look EVERYDAY. I named this blog COLORBLIND because I felt as though I had been living in a black and white world. While I did wear a lot of black and white I also only saw things a certain way...while I have been on this journey I realized that PHOTOGRAPHER EXTRAORDINAIRE was in need of the same PROJECT.

SO STAY TUNED as I share her journey through style, fitness, and life. I will be documenting the journey of a dear friend through A SECOND LOOK PROJECT...You will see where she has come and how she got there. From styling to fitness, every week I will share with you something new. I promise the next one won't be as long ;O) haha

Have a wonderful Tuesday and Thank you for taking this journey with me!



  1. I loved reading this! I can't wait to see where your journey takes you!

  2. WOW I can't believe I won!! Thank you so much!


  3. Neat post and I nominated you for a blog award! Congrats and please check out my blog for more information My Lyfe ; My Story - Blog Awards

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  4. loved reading this... and i'm a size 9 shoe so we're close... and I'm only 5'3! haha.
    PS: 300 tanks? Wowza!
    Loved reading more about you.. .so silly for us women to put these boundaries on our life yet ALL of us do it. thanks for sharing your story.

  5. I love this post! Very inspiring! keep it up! :)



  6. Ah, my shoe size... let me know when you feel the need to clean out your closet again. ;o) I really loved reading this. I honestly think women of all sizes go through feeling this way sometimes. I know I definitely do. And thanks for the reminder that I need to clean out my closet again... I've been thinking about it all week.

  7. But you have such beautiful legs!


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