Thursday, May 26, 2011

Your comment was so funny I almost pee'd my pants FRIDAY...

Funny Comments!

So In honor of all of the amazing new friends I have met, I have decided to feature one of you who made me smile or laugh throughout the week. I really can't thank everyone enough for their support especially when I get all sappy or need to release some ANGER! I love all of you! So this weeks comment of the week goes to...

Lissa said... (Melissa :O) )
That outfit is gorgeous, Shana! I too have a ripped earring hole...happened when I was like 5. Oh and I too color-code my closet. Makes finding clothes sooo much easier! :o) May 26, 2011 6:51 AM

Thank you for sharing Lissa...I was always hesitant showing my stupid ear, and when I read your comment I smiled...cuz well...I am not the only one! Thank you for stopping by and sharing!!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!

Since I am so excited about our first Thrifers Anonymous meet up..which I totally understand is going to be small since most of you don't live here, I thought I would share last weeks finds to get you psyched for the weekend sale at Savers! Can't wait to see your link up on Monday!!!
I have been getting a lot of questions asking me if the items I say are thrifted, are in fact I thought I would start to show you guys the finds and if I have styled them I will add the link to the post I styled it on! SAVERS..and a few other thrift stores are that just need patience...well and the eye of a thrifter anonymous member :O)

Where: Savers Cost of Trip: $25
Thrifted CardiWelcome to the Dollhouse
I wore this cardi HERE
Haven't worn this belt or these gorgeous shoes yet, are you kidding me with these shoes! They were 25% with our coupon so like $9!!!!
I didn't get any of these dresses...but I thought about it haha
Yeah I am still pretty upset about this hat...if I didn't have a budget of $25 I would have gotten it..can we say Dynasty + Halloween= Best Halloween Costume Idea Ever?
Ok that is it for now..more to come ! I will also start posting finds on my Facebook and local deals if you wanna check it!

Love ya



  1. ahhh that looks like such a funny mini shopping spree (25 dollars is a mini spree right? haha)
    I think the blue and white dress would have looked AMAZING on you!


  2. Color-coded closets, ripped earlobes and thrift-a-holics...we're like twins, except you live in a much cooler city!! ;o)
    Thanks for the shout-out, Shana!

  3. Lissa is pretty awesome! I'm so happy you featured her, so that she could point me in your direction! lol

    Absolutely LOVE that hat! lol

  4. what a fun idea! haha loving that hat too btws! have a great weekend :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. This is too funny! I can't wait to see what some of your followers have to say. I used to do something like this on Mondays until I starting getting a bunch of 'Hey follow me and I will follow you bullspit comments'!

  6. Shana-

    I can't wait to do a little thrifting in a few weeks when I see you!

    Sarah at Get Up & Go


THANK YOU to everyone for making me laugh and smile everyday! I love reading every comment and will always do my best to reply!
Love Always,

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