Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Holy Purple Day

Holy Purple
Holy Purple
Side Chignon
Skirt BCBG Thrifted

Heels Guess by Marciano

Earrings Thrifted

Photo FUn!

Holy Purple

Outfit Details
Shoes: Guess by Marciano Thrifted
Skirt: BCBG Thrifted Like $5
Top: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted Men's Section

Well, I am exposing two insecurities obsession with peeling my nail polish off immediately after I have painted them...and my earring hole that looks gross and is ready to rip..cuz my parents took me to Claire's when I was young to get my ears pierced! that I have that out there, today was purple day and I was shocked to find out that I literally have 2 purple items in my closet..that is including belts,shoes, accessories...soooo during our Thrifters Anonymous trip I will be looking for some purple. I tend to lean towards blue's and yellow's and black's and grey's...I color coded my closet and well there were a lot of colors missing from the rainbow. I really recommend doing this if you haven't. It has really helped me get even more creative with my clothes since I can really pinpoint a section and focus. One of these days I will take some pics and maybe you guys can help me figure out how to get Mr. Husband's clothes out of there? k? haha
I am so embarrassed...the other night I heard this huge bang upstairs and thought it was Oscars, my cat, messing around..I ran up there and the whole closet in the office had collapsed...I had recently switched all coats and jackets, and winter dresses into that closet...and well apparently it was too heavy...haha I am drowning in my own clothes folks...It is just really hard for me to let go of stuff... I have an idea up my sleeve...we will see how it pans out.

It will happen this Sunday May 29th.. 5-7 pm is the time, we are meeting in front of Savers on Sahara & Decatur. I will create a page on the side bar with more info, or you can email me at In order to attend you must sign up online for FREE for a Super Savers Club Card...DO it...cuz well, I think that when we are 60 we will have something better to do other than bingo...and we will look stylish..don't be shy..we are part of the same judgement here...
I know many of you are not able to join so this weekend go out and take advantage of the sale if you can or go to your local thrift store or sale and take pics to share on Monday's Link Up! :O) ***



  1. I cannot believe that you thrifted that top! I have a dress that has a cutout kind of like that...maybe now I'll get up the guts to wear it! I love the color of those earings - gorgeous!

  2. Aww you girls have fun! I will be heading out of town this weekend, and plan on thrifting my way through a city or two ( or three)

  3. That outfit is gorgeous, Shana! I too have a ripped earring hole...happened when I was like 5. Oh and I too color-code my closet. Makes finding clothes sooo much easier! :o)

  4. love your outfit and you look stunning =)

  5. lovely outfits... and lovely photos!

    so nice to meet you!


  6. JEALOUS! I would LOVE to hang out with other thrifters IN a thrift store! Sadly, I don't live nearby AND we don't have a Savers here. Have fun! and I'm looking forward to reading your post about it!

  7. Oh my gosh I cannot believe you thrifted that blouse! It's awesome. I really really wish I lived there so I could go to thrifters anonymous....My name is Sarah, and I would rather thrift than go to the mall any day!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  8. Have I told you lately that you are thrifting queen? Well I am now. you look so polished in these thrifted skirt- I want an exact copy of that skirt- you are rocking it like noones business and look smashing in purple!

    xo Nav

  9. you look great in purple and should continue wearing it for sure! that's a stunning top and i can't take my eyes off of you in it! great design and lovely color on you!

  10. Awesome, Purple is your color. Thrifting is for smart, dress, up Barbie's!

  11. I have my closet color coded, too...and there's a lot of pink and a lot of black. And not much else. Haha. I love this are gorgeous!

  12. I love that you thrifted so much of this outfit. And my ears look the same way if I wear heavy earrings but I don't think anyone really notices.

  13. i love this shirt!!! can i buy it from you? or trade you some jewelry??? :D


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