Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Day At The Greek

Day 2 30x30

A Day at the Greek

Pink Greek Day 2

Belt Thrifted Savers

Dress H&M


Earrings Foggy Morning Jewelry

Earrings Foggy Morning Designs!
Outfit Details
Total Outfit $18
Shoes: Steve Madden (Last Year Only paid $10)
Dress: H&M (2010 $7!!)
Belt: Thrifted $1 Savers
Take 15% off in her store by entering "colorblind15" at checkout Enter to Win them Here

I am not Greek, but boy was this restaurant..the music helped take away from the stinky sweat running down my back and the trees, rather palm trees, made me feel like I was on vacation...ok not really...I got nothing. haha We were sooo pissed taking these pictures I can't believe how peaceful I look! The weather is not something I like to talk about often...cuz in Vegas there really isn't much to talk's either winter and cold...or summer and hot...but 113 at 5:00pm...really...I don't even want to straighten my hair cuz it will probably end up in a bun. Oh and I have gotten a few emails asking me if I wear extensions...and the answer is nope...this is all mine...home grown...haha I actually chopped about 3 inches when I got it done last...we shall see how long this skunk look will last.

By the way thank you guys so much for the sweet comments on this post. Photographer extraordinaire reads every comment and we were so excited you guys loved it! I was also super excited you liked that lace dress..cuz I put it in my 30x30...which means I gotta wear it at least 2 more times...haha which I know you guys are wondering where my picks are...I promise this weekend I will get to them..remember my falling asleep on the computer thing yesterday? yeah well it's happening again tonight, along with me wiping tears from my face after watching So You Think You Can Dance....ok...have a wonderful  Thursday..Sister night will be spent here and I am pretty excited.



  1. I love the dress you are wearing in these photos.The bow detail is so cute :)

  2. You're an awesome inspiration to thirsters like me! Keep it up! I'll be following you! ;)

  3. It's outfits like this one that really make me want to try doing the all neutral thing - but I feel like I can't pull it off this well! You look incredible!!!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. Is that dress white or tan? Either way it looks really great on you! Light colors work really well for you!

  5. Hello, I love your style. I saw your feature over at Lifestyles of the Thrifty & Shameless.

    Loved the interview!

  6. Beautiful!! I'm so happy you're doing the 30 for 30. While I'm entirely too scared to literally have no options than what I start with at the beginning, I still love seeing how everyone else puts their stuff together! =)

  7. Your dress and belt look great together!! Thanks for sharing on Thrifty Thursday :)

  8. That dress is so pretty!!!
    I love it, your remixes are awesome!



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