Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pssst....Hey You...

I am featured Today :O)

he he...

Yeah...you...Guess What? You can find me over here today! And can I just say...I am sooo excited to be featured by one of my blogger soul mates! I am even more excited that I don't have to upload any pictures tonight..I promise I will be back on track tomorrow...
 Anyway, head on over to Lifestyles of the Thrifty and Shameless to see my feature on my life as a thrifter.. she asked some great questions and I don't do this often but I gave away some of my secrets...yep..and I am not even charging...haha .just know that If I see you at a thrift store I WILL HAVE MY EYES ON YOU...haha or the clothing you are staring at. So if you wanna know you gotta go...check it...yo...ok I'm out..boy that was bad...I'm usually funny right? I am soo sleepy....zzzzzzzzzz seriously do you guys ever fall asleep on your keyboard while blogging...ughhh I almost spilled my water tonight as I drooled over the couch.

P.S. Don't forget to enter in my Giveaway..You have 2 days to enter to win these earrings! I styled them here, and here...oh and here...




  1. I'm sooooo excited! YAY!



  2. Ahhhh...found two new wonderful bloggers today! Miss Rockwell AND you! Loved the interview and am definitely following BOTH of you now!


  3. Love your blog! And I feel you on dozing off at work. Make sure you push the keyboard out of the way; don't that "DELL" imprint on your forehead.

    xo, Lc

  4. Congrats! I only blog while under the influence of caffeine. So no, I havent. I got myself in thrifters anonymous! yahh so excited. Thanks friend.

  5. amazing pictures on your blog!! :)

  6. your photos make my day! heading to your guest post now...


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