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Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! Special Edition Sarah from Get up and Go!

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the Week goes to
Keren Charles from
Keren commented on my blog a couple of weeks ago and left the sweetest message. I have been so busy that I hadn't even been able to visit I did...and then I fell in love. Keren and her best friend Kawana share the same love of fashion and friendship as I do with photographer extraordinaire....long lost friends is what it feels if only we could go to Atlanta and tear up some Value Village and Goodwill long story short...Miss Keren linked up to Thrifters Anonymous and I nearly fell over when  I saw this neon greenish yellow amazing...bolero...those heels, and the lace top and that banana republic skirt...ughhh...YOU are stunning Keren...and I am so happy that you are a Thrifters Anonymous Member cuz I can not wait to see your finds and fashion...So everyone...take a moment check out Two Stylish Kays HERE and show some love....Thank you KEREN!!!!!

Keep linking up your thrifted finds and if you missed last weeks link up you can check it out here there were some great colors and a great pair of shoes...thank you to all who linked up!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!!

Now on to the Special Edition...
I had the pleasure of spending a WHOLE DAY with one of my best friends...she is the fitness inspiration behind the blog Get Up & Go (you must check her out if you have not!) and she was coming to town for work and asked me if I would give her a PRIVATE Thrifters Anonymous Session...obviously I was ecstatic and I planned our whole day!! I even took her to a Thrift Store I had never been too!!!So...get ready folks cuz this may have been my best work yet...lot's of photos and finds! I told Sarah to wear tight clothes and to tell me her goal for the day.

The first stop was the Thrift Store I had never been too..kinda scary neighborhood but some pretty awesome finds...then we headed off to SAVERS for Sarah's first time...haha

Item #1 that I found was a onesie jumpsuit...Sarah looked at me like I had just asked her to run around naked, which after seeing what I had found her she would have rather done...UNTIL I yelled at her and forced her to try it on...umm it fit her like a glove...and she looked so sexy...and this was OVER her clothes!
Jump Suit $5
 Thrifted $5

Item #2 was a Vintage Dress...a true "Oskie Woskie." This Dress from SAVERS was my favorite item I found for her...ABSOLUTELY Stunning...she looked like she came straight from Sex in the fit her perfectly...I can't wait for her to wear it!
Item #2 An Oskie Woskie
Thrifted $4
Item #3 was a vintage blouse..she kept telling me that she couldn't pull it I made her try it...loved this color and loved the fit on her...there are so many possibilities with this blouse!!!
Item #3 Thrifted Blouse $4
Thrifted $4
Obviously she bought more than 3 things here are a few more from the scary thrift store!!

This bag had a letter in it from special...

These items didn't make the cut...but still so cute!

Now on to SAVERS....Sarah was all over the place, it was so nice to see her so excited! I quickly got her focused and here are some of her finds!!

So I have been playing with scarves lately and I found this colorful one for her to play with while we tried stuff came to all of $.75 and I threw it over this striped dress which was $5..She got them both :O) The shoes were nine west...$4

More Oskie Woskie's...


And these didn't make the cut...sad...but she couldn't fit everything in her suitcase!!!

Sarah leaves you with some things she has learned during her
 PRIVATE Thrifters Anonymous Meeting:
Lessons Learned
Unfortunately this Star Trek jumpsuit didn't make the cut either..can we say AWESOME!!!
Don't forget to visit Get Up & Go for some fitness tips, recipes, and More!
Now it is your turn!
 If you have a thrifted item, a sale item, or something you can help others save money or time on from this past week, Link up to Thrifters Anonymous every MONDAY and you will have a chance to be featured! Let's be real folks...who doesn't want to see what others are doing to save money, or even how they are letting their creativity amaze us. Oh and not to mention that it's just a cool club and there are no rules, so I won't punish you if you don't want to post my button...I mean it is anonymous right? Thank you and see you every Monday!
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  1. This is seriously AMAZING! Your stores are WAY better than mine! I'm planning my Vegas thrift store road trip now!

  2. Oh man I loved everything about this post! U featured some great girls!

  3. Oh My Gosh! Sarah looks absolutely amazing in everything. Im so jealous! She is totally the Carrie Bradshaw of Savers. There should be a contest for that. I loved that tropic jungle dress on her!


  4. OMG! This was so amazing! I love your thrifting strategy. It was so effective and I FOR SURE got out of my fashion comfort zone. Your ability to see a beautiful article of clothing is AMAZING. Thanks for helping me build more confidence in new styles and fall back in love with thrifting!

  5. I love item #2! It's such a great dress & for $4 is even better!

    xo katie elizabeth

  6. I can't wait to come thrifting with you. You guys scored some amazing outfits!

  7. Ohhhh...can you do a personal style session for me too. It looks like you guys had a BALL! I really like the picks-especially the rompers-even the ones that didn't make the cut. If only I had enough nerve to wear that blue 'spacesuit'-IT IS A GEM!

  8. This trip looks like SO. MUCH. FUN! And seriously, you and your friend have this ability to look amazing in everything. Love. Love. Love.

  9. Thanks for your sweet comment!! I am now following your blog! Would love for you to come by mine and enter my giveaway!!!

    XOXOXO Andrea

  10. Good buys! My girls get a lot of Pink sweatshirts from the thrift. And we've gotten some nice end tables, pictures, and mirrors too.

    :-) Marion


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