Thursday, June 09, 2011

Your Comment Was So Funny I Almost Pee'd My Pants Friday: Congrats Tiffany

Funny Comments!

So in case you missed last Friday's Comment of the Week check it out here! In honor of all of the amazing new friends I have met, I have decided to feature one of you who made me smile or laugh throughout the week. I really can't thank everyone enough for their support especially when I get all sappy or need to release some ANGER! I love all of you! So this weeks comment of the week goes to...

Tiffany said...

You look gorgeous!! I'm the same way. I just can't hang with the younguns any more. lol I'm going "out" for the first time in like two years on Saturday. I bet they're going to have to push me around in a wheel chair! Haha!

All I have to say is...TRUE DAT! hahaha I seriously laughed out loud Tiffany. I really contemplated getting a wheel chair half way through the night, I was in so much pain! I never thought I would ever say that heels hurt my feet and waiting in lines and dealing with clubbers would get on my nerves...but here I am and I am not a Youngun Tiffany...and I am TOTALLY ok with it. Thank you for all of your sweet comments and I am so glad you found me cuz now I found you ;O)

Have an awesome weekend everyone..and if you aren't taping So you think you can dance you are seriously missing out. Was I the only one crying in their living room watching the top 20 unfold. I NEED to DANCE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I literally hit rewind on every dance until I realized I had to wake up in 20 minutes for work. Ok, anyway... you guys really showed off your goods this week so don't forget to come to the Thrifters Anonymous Meeting on Monday! If you haven't checked out the Member of the week or everyone's finds check them out HERE! Or if you missed it you can post your finds on my facebook Here
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  1. Yay!! I'm so glad I made you laugh! lol But I had to laugh at you getting annoyed with club lines! HA! I bet I'll be the same way! lol

  2. I don't even remember the last time I went to a CLUB! Maybe Sam's Club......


    Get Up & Go

  3. Tiff makes me laugh on a daily basis! Love her! :o)
    My clubbing days are over and I am OK with that! I don't miss it! Maybe that's the grandma in me talking, but oh well. She pretty much rules these days anyways!

  4. I finally belong in a club, Thrifters Anonymous. I feel like I have been accepted by "my people." Watch out Shana cause its going DOWN on Monday. hahaha. Im following you right? Must check the links. For being so dominating in the world, google has a few kinks to work out on blogger. Im just sayin..



THANK YOU to everyone for making me laugh and smile everyday! I love reading every comment and will always do my best to reply!
Love Always,

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