Thursday, June 09, 2011

I'm bustin out my Kate Spade... FINALLY

Kate Spade Gifted

Shoes Guess Marshalls

Guess Marshalls

Dress Thrifted

KAte Spade Gifted

Hiding in the crates...

Outfit Details
Shoes: Guess Marshalls
Purse: Kate Spade Gifted Thank you June!!!
Bracelet: Thrifted Savers
Rings: Black Opal H&M, Rose Target, Gold Hearts 7th grade bf

Ok, it is official, I am exhausted. I came home from appointments all day, sweating over my clients, no lunch, and literally ate a bowl of chili the hubby made and passed out. I realized that my husband is amazing and lately he has really been stepping it up. I mean house clean, animals fed, and dinner made? What more could I ask for!

Now on to this amazing bag that I have literally kept in the bag it came in cuz I have been so scared to use it. I got it from an amazing friend for my birthday and well I finally just said, "what the heck am I waiting for" so here it is. I seriously love it, the color, the shape...I did manage to scrape it against my car and got a mark on it me or am I the only one who seems to make a lovely mark on anything that is super duper expensive...this is why I really thrift people..I'm a ballet dancin KLUTZ....ughhh Why are we so worried to ruin something and find ourself not using what we have! Anyway, you will be seeing a lot more of this bag..and it's amazing GOLD interior...Oh and I opened the bag and forgot I had thrown in jewelry for a shoot we did some time ago and never ended up using the bag...yay I found my necklace from this post with my very first shopping cart..sigh...haha

Inside of my purse!

Um can I say I am loving the links on this weeks Thrifters Anonymous, and I am loving your posts on my wall! Remember if you find something totally awesome share it with us HERE, I just love meeting all of you and seeing some of your great finds!!! oh and in case you are wondering what my purse was doing in the plastic behind me where the bins were, Photographer Extraordinaire wanted to explore our options :O) hahaha

Don't forget to enter the Foggy Morning Vintage Jewelry Giveaway for these gorgeous earrings, I will be styling them with a few more outfits, they really go with everything!!! Just leave a comment HERE letting me know how YOU would style them, if you win them of coarse..and if you will be very pleased...stay tuned tomorrow to meet the crafty mama behind Foggy Morning Jewelry Designs...thank you again for everyones support!!



  1. That purse is too pretty! And I have that black rose ring too!

  2. Your legs look miles long in those gorgeous shoes!

  3. love everything about this outfit! especially that dress! so cute. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. Bag interior is part of what sells me on a bag! I like how it is almost secret......

    PS - I also love everyones finds on Thrifters Anonymous.

    Get Up & Go

  5. This dress is fantastic! That bag is kind of amazing too.
    I'm the same way with expensive things. Doesn't matter how careful I am with them the minute I step out of the house there a huge stain, scuff, or scratch in the most visible spot.

  6. The beautiful red purse contrasts so nicely with the blue background.I'm loving these photos :)

  7. Gorgeous bag and I love the shoes!

  8. I love the nude pumps! Somebody needs to drop off a pair of size 8.5's at my local Goodwill, like, tomorrow!!! You look beautiful, and that Kate Spade is just amazing!

  9. The bag is gorgeous! I don't blame you for being hesitant to use it :D You look great! -C.C.

    ReFashion Statement

  10. I love that dress Shana! It looks so comfy. Again I say it's amazing the things that people give away!

    You think you're a KLUTZ, huh? Well I guarantee that I have you beat. I run into walls and trip over my own feet at least twice weekly. And then, I LOL at myself. It's kinda ridiculous!


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