Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bumble Bee

Jacket Thrifted Savers

Shoes Nine West Thrfited Savers

Skirt Thrifted Savers

Belt Thrifted Savers

Bracelets Target

A hole

Outfit Details
Heels: Nine West Savers
Skirt: Thrifted Savers
Top: Thrifted Savers
Belt: Thrifted Men's Section Savers
Jacket: Thrifted Savers
Bracelets: Target

I am so excited about how awesome all of the thrifters anonymous members were yesterday..I mean...I can not tell you how I feel when I see a new member link up...it's like I feel less crazy every time a new member links up...so what I am trying to say is..THANK YOU to all who take the time to visit and to link up..and remember if you didn't link up you can still link up today so click HERE and get to linking.
So I am doing Kendy's 30x30 challenge, yet I still haven't posted the pictures of my pics...I promise these are all pieces from it...and this is when it gets fun....mixing pieces you would have never looked twice at. anyway, just thought I would remind you in case you were wondering why there were random numbers next to my feet on the left hand side...haha
Can't wait to share some pics from date night this past weekend, we had such a great time and if you follow me on twitter you probably saw the sunset! So pretty.. oh and I never knew robots could evoke such emotion and compassion...to Optimus Prime...thank you ...TRANSFORMERS was AWESOME...so see it...that is if you can handle robots...I actually shed a tear for Bumble Bee...seriously...

EDIT: So with much coercion I have submitted my picture to EBEW! I am so glad I had a Yellow Jacket in my 30 pieces! Thanks everyone!



  1. LOVE your yellow jacket! And everything else paired with it. You look fabulous lady!

    And I thrifted a belt exactly like yours and it has turned into one of my favorite pieces so far this summer!

  2. That yellow blazer is bananas! :))

    ARe you participating in EBEW: yellow you should totally post this look!

  3. This blazer is the greatest. It looks fantastic with the hounds-tooth skirt too.

  4. You shld definitely submit your outfit here - http://www.everybodyeverywear.com/ ... Theme being yellow and all .. with your FAB jacket :)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  5. Check out the stems on bumble bee! Wowzers. I cant believe you shed a tear for him lol. I saw that movie with my boyfriend last week. IT was sooo long. I was like, wow this theatre has nice curtains. IT would have been more fun had I a bumble bee blazer.

  6. Your beauty makes even the trash around you beautiful! this is such a fun outfit, and you are gorgeous!

  7. Wow, great jacket!


  8. I'm loving your yellow blazer! it's so summery! new follower!

  9. When you get tired of that jacket can I have it please? Haha! You make trash look cool.

    You are so cute!

    Get Up & Go

  10. I love you outfit! I just stumbled onto your blog & love it! I'm deff going to need to start thrifting!


  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that blazer!!! OMG thanks to Inez's blog for helping me discover you. I'm in LOVE!!

  12. Oh my goodness I almost cried too! I managed to hold myself together but it was tough! Love that movie


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